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Sooner or later, any vehicle owner needs a skilled panel beater. Panel beaters have the skill and equipment to repair vehicles. They can trace the source of a problem inside the car, or tend to repairs on the body. Their work needs to be of such a standard that a vehicle can be declared roadworthy afterwards.

Popular Panel Beater Services Include:

Repairs and improvements to paintwork and exterior

South African roads and drivers often lead to small dents & scratches on a vehicle’s body. These can be caused by debris on public roads, or drivers accidentally nicking each other’s cars. A panel beater can take care of these through different processes:

  • Pressing out dents with special tools
  • Making scratches disappear by applying wax products
  • Spray painting a panel if severe scratching took place

Structural repairs after accidents

South Africa is notorious for its high accident rate. Luckily panel beaters are well equipped and skilled to tend to repairs to cars’ bodies and chassis. Their services can have a vehicle look and work as good as new. Methods include:

  • Cutting out damaged parts
  • Welding broken pieces together
  • Replacing components if necessary
  • Spray painting exteriors

Mechanical and electrical repairs

Accidents or wear and tear can cause malfunctioning in a vehicle’s mechanical & electronic systems. Some panel beaters have the necessary equipment to search for problems via the car’s OBD system. They can make adjustments and repair where necessary.

Restoration of old vehicles

South Africans love classic cars, but not everyone knows how to restore them. Some panel beaters have expert knowledge about old models. They can source parts, repair mechanical systems and paint exteriors. An old car can look new and function as before.

Towing services

Many panel beaters offer towing services, or are in partnership with a specific towing company. Clients can contact one vendor in the case of an accident, and be quoted discounted rates for using both towing and repair services.

5 Tips when Hiring a Panel Beater

1. Liaise with your insurance company

Some insurance companies are particular about the panel beaters you must use. Confirm with your insurer whether your preferred panel beater is approved. This approval is necessary, otherwise they may not cover the repair costs.

2. What reputation does the company have?

Make sure you use panel beaters that offer excellent service in terms of:

  • How quick they work
  • The standard of the workmanship
  • The rates they charge

It’s wise to go to panel beaters that other people have used before and were happy with.

3. Can you expect a warranty?

Discuss warrantees with the panel beater. Many of them offer warrantees on items such as paintwork and repairs. If you do receive a warranty, it’s proof of the standard of work you’ll receive. It gives you peace of mind that you can return your car to the vendor if something seems out of place, without worrying about paying another bill.

4. Double check the paint colour

Some paint colours are extremely difficult to match. If you need painting done, ask about the panel beater’s methods and equipment. Modern technology offers innovative ways of matching paint with a car’s original colour, but not all vendors have these tools.

5. Ask about courtesy vehicles

Your insurer and the panel beater’s policies determine whether you’re eligible for a free courtesy vehicle. Ask your vendor whether exceptions can be made if it’s not part of your insurance benefits. Alternatively you may have to pay for the service, but many vendors are willing to discuss lower rates to keep clients happy.

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