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Vast spaces can be turned into dynamic smaller units via partitioning. Partitioning can be done by building contractors or companies who specialise in this service. The type of material and the design must benefit future use of the area as much as possible. Partitioning contractors can source material, manufacture pieces, install them and round it off with flooring & ceiling installations if necessary.

Popular Partitioning Services Include:

Partitions to turn one room into many

Optimal use of office space is of utmost importance, because in South Africa commercial property is quite expensive. Partitioning makes it possible to use one permanent structure for more than one task. Partitioning creates work spaces for enhanced order and privacy.

Partitioning can be manufactured from many materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Dry wall
  • Glass

Partitioning vendors help clients plan the layout and source the best material for their specific needs.

Installing ceilings

South Africa’s climate can result in some extreme temperatures. Adequate ventilation and insulation is needed to ensure workspaces have comfortable temperatures. Ceilings improve insulation. Partitioning contractors install ceilings, so clients have a one-stop option when revamping a certain space.

Painting services

South Africans are conscious of security risks. This risk increases as the amount of workers on a certain site increases. Partitioning contractors offer painting of walls and roofs as part of their services. Only one team is need for construction and decorative tasks, which keeps security risks low.

Partitioning for public bathrooms

South African health and safety regulations require that a certain amount of ablution facilities are available in public areas. This amount depends on the size of the crowd on site. The quick answer to install more bathroom cubicles is to divide an existing space or a shipping container. Partitioning of any height can be installed to afford privacy between cubicles.

Construction of bulk heads

Bulk heads are an excellent way of covering piping and wiring in old South African homes. It can also be a purely decorative feature, enhanced with effective lighting. This feature calls for similar skills as partitioning. Partitioning vendors offer this service so clients can have walls and any ceiling done by one vendor.

5 Tips when Planning Partitioning

1. Determine the contractor’s strengths

Contractors are usually experts in certain fields and novices in other. Enquire about the contractor’s strengths and the tools they have on hand. Employ someone who can do the required work with excellence, instead of using your structure as a practice round.

2. Confirm timelines

Make sure the partitioning contractor keeps to a timeline that suits you. If you’re revamping office space, you don’t want workers to be without work space for too long. You may offer a bonus for work that’s finished early. This can serve as an excellent incentive to prevent time being wasted.

3. Pick materials for long term use

Partitioning can be manufactured from many materials. Don’t pick the cheapest one without considering the consequences. Raw wood and glass may be more expensive, but afford more class, privacy and durability than dry walling. It may be worth it to invest in these mediums for the long term.

4. Always keep security in mind

If contractors are working on your premises, you have a responsibility to keep assets and personal items safe. Don’t tempt contractors by leaving merchandise or wallets within easy grasp. Have a talk with your employees to keep vigilant throughout the construction time, so security breaches are kept to a minimum.

5. Ask for a portfolio

Apart from work done well, work should also be visually pleasing. Ask for a portfolio of previous work done by the contractor. It will give you an idea whether the quality of the overall look is in line with your expectations.

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