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Photography captures real life images on paper and screen, so it can be viewed and used somewhere else. Photography companies have the important task to take high quality images. Skilled photography services require a photographer to have a natural affinity for aesthetics and technical understanding of cameras.

Popular Photography Services Include:

Wedding photography

No wedding in South Africa goes by without a picture being taken to commemorate the event. Many brides budget for expert photography services so high quality images are taken, as a true representation of the day.

Lifestyle photography

Photography services capture many other aspects of life in South Africa. This includes:

  • Family photography
  • Fashion photography outside or in studio
  • Maternity shoots for expecting mothers
  • Infant photography to commemorate a birth

Skilled photographers use unique backgrounds and décor so each photography session looks different and special, befitting of the subject.

Corporate photographs

Photographs are an excellent way to communicate the following about a business:

  • Range of products
  • Visual representation of services
  • Company style and professionalism

These photographs can be used in printed pamphlets, portfolios or in online information.

Quality photography showcases subjects in the best way possible, to make a positive impression on clients and partners. Visual stimulation plays a large role in people’s decisions. Photography is an excellent way of teaching international clients about the benefits of partnering with South African companies.

Photography training

Some photography companies offer training. Experts show trainees how to work with equipment and how to frame shots. This is an excellent career option in South Africa, because of the large need for quality photographs.

Photography equipment

South African photographers enjoy using state of the art equipment. Importers know dedicated photographers are willing to pay high prices to expand their tools and range of cameras. Many photography companies sell equipment to the public and can give advice about which items will work best for a specific task.

5 Tips When Hiring a Photographer

1. Look through many portfolios

Each photographer has a unique approach and style. Pick a photography company which produces the type of photographs you love. Look at features such as style, poses as well as photo editing.

2. Are you comfortable with the photography team?

You’ll get the best set of photos when the subjects are at ease with each other and the photographers. If there’s tension it will show in everyone’s eyes. Meet photographers before you pick one so you can determine who you’ll feel comfortable with on the day of the shoot.

3. Know what you want

Photographers have a lot of knowledge, but you have to like the results of their work. Your expectations need to be met. Tell the photographers what you want so they can plan around it.

4. Discuss rates openly

Photography companies offer standard packages, but nothing is set in stone. Your event or requirements may be different to everyone else’s. Ask the photographer for a customised quote, so you don’t pay for services you don’t want.

5. Pick one close to you

When a photography company needs to travel far, you’ll have to cover transport expense. It’s wise to pick someone in your area to save costs, and you won’t have to be concerned about them arriving late.

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