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All buildings that make use of water, need working plumbing systems. Plumbing contractors have knowledge, skills and tools to install & maintain these systems. They offer clients a variety of solutions, whether it’s during a building project or maintaining an existing structure.

Popular Plumbing Services Include:

Installing or renovating systems

Plumbing is mostly used in bathroom and kitchen areas. A plumbing contractor can help clients install new systems during the building of a new structure. Such a system must be planned well. Parts of this system channels water towards sewers. To prevent flooding, South African rainstorms, different types of soil and the lay of the land must be kept in mind.

Plumbing contractors also help clients renovate existing systems. When home owners change their kitchens or bathrooms, a plumbing expert moves the pipes and taps to where they’re needed. They must make sure there’s no leakages or cracks that can cause water damage to the rest of the structure.

Maintenance and repairs

Older South African plumbing systems can easily get damaged when temperatures spike during the winter. For this and other causes, plumbing experts offer a maintenance service. They can tend to large pipes underground, or the pipes that make up a building’s internal plumbing system. They replace certain parts of the pipes, or attempt to repair it.

Tending to geyser problems

An important function of plumbing experts is tending to geysers that develop problems. South Africa’s spiking temperatures can cause a geyser or pipe to crack and leak. Alternatively there may be something wrong with the geyser’s element. Building owners trust plumbing contractors to find the source of the problem and repair or replace necessary components.

Assistance with gutter systems

A building’s gutter system forms part of the overall plumbing system, because some of the water running through house pipes are channelled to the same drains as rainwater. Plumbing contractors offer a gutter installation and repair service to make it easy for clients to manage all their water problems via one vendor.

5 Tips when you Hire a Plumber

1. Consider your safety

Whenever you allow contractors onto your premises, you must make sure you stay safe. It may be wise to ask your security company to stay with you while unfamiliar contractors are working, so you know you won’t be attacked. Alternatively, inform neighbours that contractors are coming to your home. They can keep an eye on your premises and call authorities if they suspect that something is the matter.

2. Compare quotes

Make sure you employ the best plumbing contractor for the ideal price. Many plumbers offer free quotes. If the work you need done is not urgent, you may want to take your time in picking a contractor. You can ask for referrals so you can make an informed decision. It may save you a lot of money and you can make sure you receive excellent workmanship.

3. Do you need an electrician too?

If you’re having problems with your geyser, chances are that you’ll need electrical work done too. Search for a plumber who can handle the task if it’s a wiring problem. Alternatively, ask both a plumber and an electrician to survey the problem. You can rest assured you receive the right advice, no matter the issue.

4. Liaise with your insurance company

Many plumbing repairs’ costs are covered by insurance policies. If this is the case your insurance company usually has to approve the contractor you use, before they will pay the bill. Contact the insurance broker before you start looking for a plumber. Your insurance broker may know of an excellent plumber in your area, and you can be sure the bill will be covered.

5. Ask about timelines and logistics

Discuss the timeline with your plumbing contractor. Because the contractor may have to turn off the water and electricity supply while work is being done, it can cause downtime for people using the facilities. Communicate this to all that use the building, so everyone can plan around it.

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