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An air-conditioning system recycles stuffy interior air so it once again feels fresh. The system adjusts the temperature of the air so a building’s interior becomes more comfortable to work in. Installing such a system calls for expert knowledge and technical skill. Air-conditioning contractors know how to design an effective system. They can also help you maintain older systems.

Popular Air-conditioning Services Include:

Air-conditioning installations

South Africa’s extreme weather conditions call for the installation of air-conditioning in most homes and offices. Ventilation and conditioning is vital if you want comfortable working temperatures. Loose standing or fixed units can help you reach this goal.

Service air-conditioning units

An air-conditioning unit needs regular servicing. You don’t want to be caught without a working unit when the heat of South Africa’s summers hit. Make sure your units are checked before seasons change so you can repair them in time if necessary.


Some areas in South Africa offer perfect weather conditions, but a building can feel uncomfortable inside. Fix this problem by installing a ventilation fan. Through a ducted system interior air can be extracted to the outside and comfortable exterior air can be circulated inside.

Heat pumps

South Africans are becoming more environmentally conscious and they’ll love the heat pump. This way of heating water is more energy efficient, because no element is used. South Africa’s climate is ideal for these units to work optimally. The energy around the unit—which is installed on the outside of the building—is used to heat up the water inside. Expert air-conditioning contractors can also install these units.

5 Tips When Installing Air-Conditioning

Which brands will be used?

Air-conditioning contractors can offer exceptional workmanship, but if the units they install is of low quality, the system will quickly start giving problems. Make sure your chosen contractor installs one of the leading brands available

Ask about scaffolding before signing the contract

Large spaces’ air-conditioning units are installed high on walls for optimum effect. If your units need servicing make sure the contractors can reach the units with their own scaffolding, otherwise you may have to hire it at your own expense.

Get a second opinion

Air-conditioning contractors rely on clients’ lack of knowledge to increase profit margins. Don’t follow the first contractor’s advice blindly. Many air-conditioning contractors offer free quotes. Compare quotes and ask expert advice. Gauge whose system will be the most dynamic without paying for unnecessary units or piping.

Ask about replacement parts

Complete units or their motors, pipes and electronic boards can become faulty over time. Ask your contractor about the availability of replacement parts so your system doesn’t become obsolete quickly. This is one reason why a state of the art system is a smart option. Your new system should be repairable and replaceable for quite a while.

Building regulations

If you’re renting space from a landlord, you may be eligible to install air-conditioning, but only along certain guidelines. Communicate with your landlord before you start the quoting process so you can tell contractors exactly what you need and what’s allowed.

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