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Builders offer clients an all-encompassing service for creating a new structure or improving an existing one. Builders help clients with a building project from the planning process. They help create the structure, install features such as plumbing and lighting and end with building inspections.

Popular Builders Services Include:

Building new structures

South Africa has clear guidelines about how buildings should be erected. These guidelines ensure safety and quality. Builders make sure structures are in line with regulations. Builders can give knowledgeable advice on which materials work best. They will also help to get your building inspected and certified as safe for use.

Renovating existing structures

Over time different home styles become popular. You may want to move with South African trends and make adjustments to your building. Builders will help you plan changes and additions so you make practical decisions while your building stays safe.

Plumbing and electrical installations

South Africans are well skilled at manual labour and many contractors offer more than one service. Many builders also install plumbing and take care of electrical systems.

Professional services

The best builders will offer you a one-stop service for your new structure. They can draw up your architectural drawings, have them approved and then start the building process.

Finishing touches

For security reasons South Africans prefer to have as few contractors on their premises as possible. Some builders help clients circumvent this problem by offering their services for kitchen installations, painting, laying of wooden floors and swimming pools.

5 Tips When Hiring a Builder

1. Confirm your builder’s area of expertise

Having a one-stop option is preferential, but make sure your builder can deliver excellent workmanship in all the areas quoted for. You don’t want to be left with sub-standard work in some rooms, simply because you picked an easy alternative.

2. Talk about timelines

Builders are known to take their time with projects. You have a right to discuss timelines with builders, especially if you need the building to be finished by a certain time. Offering a bonus if a structure is finished early is an excellent way of keeping builders to their timeline.

3. Put responsibilities into a contract

A building project requires many resources. A builder’s quote should include all these such as bricks, cement and wood. Have an honest discussion with your builders about what will happen if a resource was wrongly quoted on. Stipulate this in a contract so neither of you have to pay bills you didn’t budget for.

4. Pick the correct time of the year

A building project can easily be destroyed by too much rain or snow. If possible, plan your building project for a time of the year when mostly sun is expected. It may save you frustration and money.

5. Look for referrals

Never trust builders’ words above clients’. Do a background check before you sign a contract with any builder, so you know you’re employing someone who will deliver quality work. Using someone that you heard positive reviews about through word of mouth, is often the best option.

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