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Carpeting contractors supply carpets to homes, commercial sites and public areas. Carpets add value and character to a room. Expert carpet contractors ensure that clients receive quality products that can last for many years if building owners apply proper maintenance.

Popular Carpet Services Include:

Wall to wall carpet installations

South African families love the comfortable feeling a carpets adds to a room. This is excellent for lounges and bedrooms. Wall to wall carpets turns an ordinary room into a luxurious area. Clients can pick from a variety of colours, designs and thread types to fit personal style and practical requirements.

Carpeting suppliers sell carpets in large enough pieces to cover whole rooms, or separate pieces that fit next to each other. These companies also install carpets with expert skill and tools so carpets don’t lift off the floor, causing clients to trip.

Loose carpets

Loose carpets can be put on top of wall to wall carpeting to protect high traffic areas. These loose carpets can also serve as décor to bring additional colour into a room.

Customised shapes and sizes

South African homes are built according to owners’ personal taste. Carpeting installers offer customised services so home owners can order items which fit a certain room. Expert suppliers can cut carpets in any size or shape clients require.

Flooring according to contracts

Carpeting makes offices look professional and some types are specially designed for high traffic areas. It’s also a healthy option for hospitals and can be seen in various South African health centres. These entities can carpet their vast rooms according to a contract. This holds certain financial benefits, especially when it’s time to replace the flooring.

Installing different types of flooring

Carpet installers know South Africans want effortless options. Some suppliers offer other types of flooring—such as laminated floors and tiles—so clients can get all they need from one vendor.

5 Tips When Acquiring Carpets

1. Determine the health and environmental impact

Some carpets contain hazardous substances because of manufacturing processes. Suppliers go to the effort of ensuring carpets are safe for humans and nature. Make sure you purchase a carpet that won’t put these substances in contact with your family.

Some suppliers also put the correct waste management procedures in place and don’t use materials or processes that is harmful to the environment. If this is important to you, enquire about the company’s policies before you sign a contract.

2. What is the largest size that can be supplied?

The ideal wall to wall carpet is made of one piece of fabric. If you need a large area covered, look for a supplier which offers the longest pieces of carpet so you have the least amount of joints on your finished floor.

3. Ask their opinion

Carpet suppliers usually employ interior designers to give advice to the company and clients. Ask them for practical and aesthetic advice so you make the best decision for the long term.

4. Consider carpets outside

Carpets can even be used outside. This can turn a porch into a comfortable area for kids to play. Enquire about these carpet options that are easy to clean and don’t easily get water damaged.

5. Think about future maintenance

Make sure you know how to take care of the carpeting you pick. Enquire about this aspect so you pick a fabric which doesn’t ask for much attention, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

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