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CCTV contractors help home owners to improve their level of security. These contractors advise home owners on what security measures will keep the property and people safe. They can sell security components to the public and install it where necessary. Contractors can also maintain older system when necessary.

Popular CCTV Services Include:

Security system installations

With the rising crime rate in South Africa it becomes increasingly necessary to have a state of the art security system on home and business properties. These systems can include alarms, CCTV cameras, access control systems and panic buttons.

Providing personal protection options

South Africans can enhance their sense of safety by accepting advice and defence items from CCTV contractors. CCTV contractors are well versed in all security aspects. This includes stun-guns, Taser-guns and panic buttons.

Car dash-cam installations

When using South African roads, drivers run the risk of high jacks and road rage retaliation. A car’s dash-cam can prompt criminals to back off since they don’t want to be recorded. It can also record footage of traffic problems that can be used in court.

Repairs and maintenance

Technical devices always need to be inspected, tested and repaired if necessary. A South African thunderstorm can result in cameras or wires malfunctioning. CCTV installers are trained to repair technical problems, even when it’s not a system they installed themselves.

5 Tips When Hiring a CCTV Contractor

1. Confirm the company’s background

You can put yourself in harm’s way if you allow contractors onto your property who have ulterior motives. Make sure it’s a reputable company and not someone who wants to gather information for a future break in.

2. Think about aesthetics

CCTV cameras, lights and wires can easily let a property seem less neat. Make sure you hire CCTV installers who delivers excellent, neat workmanship. You don’t want your security features to lower the value of your property.

3. What does your insurance require?

Your insurance company may dictate what you need to install on your property. Their requirements are determined by the area you live in, the items you want to ensure and even your age. Avoid extreme insurance payments by installing the correct CCTV and other security components.

4. Enquire about warrantees

Criminals are experts at determining whether a system is in working condition. Don’t get caught off guard. Install quality components and ask about warrantees so you can get them fixed easily if problems arise.

5. Confirm which services are included

Some CCTV contractors only do installations, while other companies also offer surveillance services, call outs and maintenance as part of a package. Confirm what forms part of your contract and quotation, so you don’t end up with expenses you didn’t plan for.

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