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Electricians are trained to handle wires and electrical equipment. They can install electrical wiring and systems in newly built buildings. They also help with maintenance and repairs. Building owners should employ electricians rather than doing work themselves. This prevents power shortages, injuries to themselves and damage to buildings.

Popular Electrician Services Include:

Emergency services

There are many instances in your home or workplace where electricians attend to problems with lights, stoves, security systems, power outages and many other challenges. In South Africa, lightning can hit power sources or damage wiring and appliances. Electricians will determine where the fault lies so you know whether new wiring or a new appliance is necessary.

Work on construction sites

Electricians are responsible for installing wiring throughout new buildings. They need to stay up to date with South African legal requirements so buildings can be certified as safe for use.

Issue Compliance Certificates

Electricians need to be well trained. This ensures the work they deliver won’t put anyone in danger. The wiring must adhere to South African laws. Certified electricians are able to investigate a building’s electrical system and declare it as compliant. This certificate is necessary to obtain insurance on a building.

Power factor correction

Energy efficiency is important to South Africans. Electricians help residents gain optimum output from electrical power sources. This can be improved by power factor correction if necessary. Less energy will then be wasted.

Geyser assessments

Geysers require a water source and electricity to heat it up. During South African winters you can’t go without this luxury. If your geyser is acting up, the problem needs either a plumber or an electrician. Some contractors offer both services, but make sure that they’re really skilled so you don’t end up with more problems due to their lack of knowledge.

5 Tips When Hiring an Electrician

1. Make sure of call out fees

If your need for an electrician isn’t urgent, take time to get a few quotes. Many electricians offer free quotes, but confirm this with each contractor. When you receive a quote, make sure what’s included. Some companies surprise you with additional costs after work is done. Don’t be caught off guard.

2. Consider certification and insurance requirements

If you’re having work done that will influence your building’s electrical compliance, make sure you contract a company that can supply you with a new certificate. Otherwise you’ll need to pay a third party to obtain one.

3. Is there power?

This may seem a silly question to ask yourself, but consider it when you experience power outages. Some people pay call out fees to contractors, only to realise a certain switch is turned off.

4. Ask about payment options

Electrician services can be quite expensive if you require a lot of work done. Don’t feel dismayed if you don’t immediately have the budget. Some contractors are willing to discuss payment plans if it means they can secure the work. Monthly payments are easier to handle than once off capital investments.

5. Determine the electrician’s expertise

Electrical work covers many different spheres. Your contractor will have more experience in certain areas. Make sure you hire an electrician that has references and experience in the type of work you require, otherwise you’ll be left with less than perfect workmanship.

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