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Painters take responsibility for most building activities that require a brush. Painters apply paint to walls and roofs, but can also help with tasks such as spray painting or wallpapering. Painters have expert knowledge of which paint types to use. The correct brand and product ensures that painted surfaces look amazing for extensive periods of time.

Popular Painting Services Include:

Painting newly constructed buildings

A new building with plastered walls needs paint to have a finished look. The correct colour has aesthetic value but can also influence people’s moods. Under the hot African sun South Africans can have rooms seem cooler by using paint with blue undertones. Painters are knowledgeable in which types of paint work well on which surfaces. They can also assist in matching colours for the best effects.

Give a building a new look

When you move into a house you can let it feel more like home by picking a new wall colour. Some of South Africa’s older places of heritage use paint to turn it into modern buildings that will attract new generations.

Roof maintenance

Roof maintenance is essential under the sun and rain that South Africans receive in abundance. Most skilled painters can also expertly apply waterproofing. You can get one painting contractor to paint your walls and roof so you don’t have to hire two teams. Hiring fewer people has financial and security benefits.

Wallpaper interior walls

Painters’ skills reach further than paint. You may love the effect of wallpaper on interior walls. You can bring beautiful South African imagery, culture or landscapes into your home by having them printed on wallpaper. Many painters can help you stick the paper to your walls so the end result is neat and looks impressive.

5 Tips When Hiring a Painter

1. Determine the painter’s quality of work

With painting it’s all about the detail. If painters accidentally paint an interior roof while working on the walls, the effect will be difficult to remove. Contact previous clients so you know what the painters’ level of workmanship is.

2. Agree on the terms of the contract

You and the painters need to agree to timelines, costs and responsibilities. They need to give you an estimation of how much paint is necessary. What happens when they run out of paint before they’re finished? Whose expense will it be? If you discuss this detail before the work starts, there’s less frustration along the way.

3. Protect your valuables

Even if your painters are very neat, accidents do happen. Make sure there’s enough floor coverings where they work. Cover furniture and other belongings with plastic or fabric that can be thrown away. You’ll be left with a clean space when they’re finished painting.

4. Take your personal schedule into account

If you’re painting your home you need to determine the best time. If there’s usually no one at home during the day and you would want to keep an eye on their handiwork, organise painting during holiday times.

5. Test a colour before you use it

Paints usually present different on walls than on paint tins. Test a few shades of paint on your walls before you make your final decision. You can paint small areas of a wall to see how the product presents in the specific light. In the same way, line up different colours you plan on using so you can see if they really go together. Painters are experts at giving advice in this regard.

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