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Paving is a practical and aesthetically valuable way of covering a surface. Outside surfaces can be paved with a variety of stones and bricks. This is used for parking areas, walkways and patios. Paving contractors prepare the surface so ground doesn’t shift. They then lay down the paving in the pattern required.

Popular Paving Services Include:

Paving of driveways

The South African property market isn’t always friendly to home owners. You can increase your home’s value and aesthetics by transforming an ordinary driveway. Paving is a neat option and it’s durable. Buyers will love the look of the house the moment they drive onto the premises.

Decorative paving around houses

South Africa has a rich heritage. One way of giving voice to it, is to use your culture’s native patterns around your home. Paving is done with stones and bricks of varying sizes and colours. This enables you to create beautifully patterned walkways or patios.

Commercial paving

Paving is a practical option to cover sidewalks and public areas. South Africa’s heat can bake dark tarred areas to excruciating temperatures. Paving stones of lighter colours can rather be used in areas where children play so they can run around with bare feet.

Practical paving for patios and swimming pools

A terrific options for a swimming pool in South Africa is dry cast paving. These stones are porous and rough in texture. When used beside a pool, there will be less chance of someone slipping on the wet surface.

5 Tips when hiring a paver

1. Enquire about the type of materials being used

You have such a wide range of stone and brick to pick from. Take your time to research the benefits of each so you make the correct long term decision. Your unique requirements determine which suits you best.

2. Does the contractor compensate for the ground conditions?

Your paving contractor needs to do a thorough investigation of the area that needs paving. Aspects such as ground stability and drainage options are essential. Trees also need to be removed where necessary, because growing roots are strong enough to lift up paving.

3. Think of the aesthetics

Improve your home or office’s value by using the services of a landscape designer. These experts can show you how to use different colours and types of stones to create a magnificent piece of paving. This can be a valuable feature for any future buyer.

4. Determine what maintenance will be needed

Paving requires little maintenance, but you’ll need to combat weeds from time to time. This is especially true if there isn’t a complete foundation beneath the stones. Ask your contractor for advice so you can ensure your paving stays in excellent condition.

5. What is the paver’s track record?

Before you trust anyone to work on your premises, ask contractors for references. You can call previous employers or even go to inspect the work. Such a large expense calls for caution before making a decision.

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