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Printing companies help individuals and commercial entities generate printed items for marketing, personal or business use. Depending on the printer’s focus and machines, printing can be done on other materials such as plastic and fabric. Printing companies simplify the process by offering clients designing and other services as well.

Popular Printing Services Include:

Paper printing services for businesses

Even though the internet offers businesses new tools, printed media is still a main form of marketing in South Africa. Business cards are essential to share with clients and flyers are a powerful tool to expand a brand. Letterheads communicate a company’s professionalism and product booklets showcase a business’ merchandise. All these services are done by printing companies so businesses can use quality items in for communication.

Printing on promotional items

A terrific way of expanding a business’ influence throughout South Africa, is using promotional items with a printed company logo on. These items can be gifted to potential clients or partners. Printing companies source these items if needed and print company information so it can serve as marketing material.

Delivery services

Printing companies simplify processes for their customers by offering delivery services throughout South Africa. Clients don’t have to waste time picking up printed items themselves, as it will be delivered to their doors.

Graphic design services

Printing companies know not every business has a skilled graphic designer. They offer their in-house designing services so companies can have high quality design work and printing done. In the tough economic times South Africa faces, this helps companies grow, without the expense of a designer’s salary.

5 Tips When Hiring a Printer

1. Make sure of the quality

Ask for a sample of a printing company’s work to determine the quality of their workmanship. Make sure print work isn’t dull and that colours don’t overlap. These can be signs of faulty calibrated machines.

2. Confirm the printer’s requirements to ensure quality work

Printing companies need designs to be in a specific format to ensure quality and accuracy. If you submit your own designs—instead of using the printers’ design services—enquire about their requirements so you don’t waste time or cause faulty prints.

3. Discuss a timeline

When printing is done for a specific event, time is of the essence. Make sure how much time printing companies need to complete your prints. Communicate your timelines to them. They may be able to push your work to the top of their list. Most companies are willing to do this to secure future work and keep customers happy.

4. Find out about the range of services

You can make your life much easier by enquiring about the printing company’s services. If you use their in-house design or delivery options, you may save yourself time, effort and money.

5. Ask about specials

Many printing companies offer special packages. These packages usually cover services that can benefit a business such as: - Business cards and flyers at a low price when both are ordered at the same time - Bulk printing at a fraction of the usual price Avail yourself of these specials to save money on future marketing campaigns.

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