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A roof serves as protection from the elements, but the roof’s structure also adds to a building’s strength. Roofing contractors have expert knowledge about the support a roof needs and what is legally required. They plan the building process and advise on the best materials to use.

Popular Roofing Services Include:

New building projects

Your South African contractor will keep weather conditions in mind when planning your building’s roof. The contractor may even advise to postpone certain building activities if there’s too great a chance of rain damaging the structure before it’s finished.

Home improvement projects

If you need to improve or repair your home, a roofing contractor needs to be part of the plan. These contractors know exactly what South African laws require so your home stays within the guidelines and you don’t lose insurance coverage.

Paint projects

Many roofing contractors offer painting services as well. They can paint finished parts during construction so no time is wasted. Expert contractors know which types of paint last the longest in South Africa’s hot sun.

Roof features and gutters

South Africa offers its residents large quantities of sunlight. You can harness this natural light source to save energy. Your roofing contractor can install skylights to brighten a home’s interior.

A proper gutter system is essential to cope with large amounts of water produced during South African rainstorms. If water isn’t funnelled away in a gutter system, it can damage your roof. Roofing contractors can plan and install this system so water doesn’t accumulate.

Building interiors

Your roof’s quality is determined by the outside surface, but also the ceiling and cornices inside. This assists with sealing off your rooms to create proper insulation from extreme South African temperatures outside. The ideal roofing contractor will be skilled to install both outside and inside layers.

5 Tips When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

1. Waterproofing procedures

A roof won’t hold for long if not properly waterproofed. Enquire from your contractor whether this process forms part of the quotation before committing, so you’re not left with additional expenses later on.

2. Ask about asbestos

Asbestos was used in many older homes. If you’re renovating, your roofing contractor may come across some of this substance in the walls or roof. Enquire whether the company is skilled and registered to safely dispose of the material. A contractor should give you a certificate to prove that the substance was destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

3. Ask about free quotations

Obtain a few quotations before making your final decision. Some companies ask a call out fee when visiting a site for a quotation. They tend to omit this during telephone enquiries unless specifically asked. Make sure of the company’s policy so you’re not billed unexpectedly.

4. Does your insurance firm approve your contractor?

If your renovations are part of an insurance claim—e.g. after rain damage—make sure the company you use is approved by your insurance firm. If not, you may need to settle the bill yourself if they provide sub-standard work.

5. What about guarantees?

A roof—or even a piece of roof—is a tremendous expense. Some parts of your roof, such as the waterproofing, can have a guarantee attached to it. Discuss this with roofing contractors and get the detail in writing, so you have proof of your rights if problems arise.

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