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Your home and office spaces need to be protected against the elements at all times. Your solution lies with waterproofing contractors who ensure different types of roofs are adequately sealed during a building’s construction. Some contractors also assist with repairs and roof enhancements such as skylights.

Popular Waterproofing Services Include:

Preventative inspections

Your building’s roof requires continuous attention. In South Africa the sun plays havoc with roof sealants. The sun bakes down on your roof and can cause cracks in your waterproofing. You should put preventative measures in place and have waterproofing checked regularly. This will prevent small cracks from becoming huge problems. Waterproofing contractors are usually trained in many aspects of building construction. You can ask them to inspect your roof yearly and advise & quote on necessary repairs.

Waterproofing through a variety of processes

In the South African context a contractor keeps the country’s unique weather challenges in mind and the type of roof. These factors determine which of the following waterproofing processes will be used:

  • Torch on membranes
  • Waterproof Acrylic
  • Rubberised Bitumen
  • Acrylic Fibre
  • Cementitious
  • Aquaseal
  • Polyurethane Spray-on

Some of these products can be used inside your roof to make sure insects or rot doesn’t cause damage without you noticing.

Roof construction and painting

Expert waterproofing contractors know South Africans do their homework before picking a contractor. Part of the research includes cost. Waterproofing companies construct and seal roofs so you save money by only hiring one team to get the entire job done.

Gutter installation or repairs

South African rainstorms deposit large amounts of water on your roof within short periods of time. Your gutters must be able to handle these amounts of water. An expert waterproofing company will assist you in adjusting your gutters if necessary.

Treatment of damp

If you realise you need waterproofing you run the risk of already having damp inside your walls. Rainy seasons don’t allow walls to dry out. In South Africa, where a rainy season lasts for many weeks, you need this tended to as soon as possible. The best waterproofing companies will sort out this problem through treatments such as injection or tanking.

5 Tips When Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor

1. Ask what type of waterproofing is used

Be informed about modern waterproofing practices and make sure your waterproofing contractors offer you the best options possible. As technology improves, waterproofing methods get more dynamic. Your waterproofing company needs to move with the times.

2. When can the contractors start?

Some waterproofing procedures can only take place when there’s no moisture in the air and the roof is completely dry. During rainy seasons these requirements can postpone the repairs for a few weeks. Take steps to protect contents of your buildings until the roof is waterproof again.

3. Confirm the track record

Waterproofing is a huge expense and scammers may see this as a quick way to make money off trusting home owners. Confirm a contractor’s previous work so you’re sure of the type of service you’ll receive.

4. Discuss access

Roofs can be tricky to gain access to. You and the contractor should talk through the whole plan so you can confirm whether their access plans are in line with building regulations. This is especially important if the building is jointly used with other tenants or owners.

5. Enquire about affiliation

There are quite a few associations in South Africa that aim to keep waterproofing contractors to high standards. Waterproofing contractors who take their jobs seriously will make sure they belong to these organisations. You can ask for proof of their affiliation. This is a first step in confirming a company’s reputability.

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