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Promotional clothing can be worn by employees or given to the public to build your brand. Promotional companies offer clothing as part of their wares. Promotional clothing should be of high quality to communicate a positive message. Logos and company detail can be printed or embroidered on clothing items.

Popular Promotional Services Include:

Promotional T-shirts

South Africans love identifying with people or entities they admire. Companies tap into this preference by giving branded T-shirts to clients. T-shirts are standard items most people wear. Happy clients wear these shirts and become an automatic marketing medium.

Companies who provide promotional clothing offer a range of T-shirts to fit all sizes and tastes. Quality printing and embroidery services ensure logos display well while the shirt is worn.

Variety of promotional clothing

Many types of clothing find favour in the South African market. Gifting branded hats and caps to a crowd on a hot summer day is an ideal way of spreading a brand.

Promotional toys

Companies who manufacture promotional clothing also offer other items for marketing. These companies know South Africans love unique ideas. An interesting gift or puzzle, branded with a certain logo, will catch a potential client’s attention so the individual takes notice of the promoted company.

Technical items

A subject South Africans love learning more about is technology. Companies run successful marketing campaigns by branding practical items—such as USB Flash Drives—and gifting it to the public. These items will definitely be used, so clients will continually see the company’s logo on the device.

Promotional stationery

Stationery is another item widely used in houses and offices. Suppliers offer branded stationery to gift to clients and supporters. These items are seen daily and is a solution when someone needs a pen or paper. Clients start associating the company’s logo with positive events and solutions, so subconsciously they start liking the brand even more.

5 Tips when Investing in Promotional Clothing

1. Think about an item’s relevance

You can enhance your marketing campaign by picking the right promotional item. If your company manufactures baby products, don’t simply print a logo on a t-shirt. Make sure you include baby wear in your campaign. This will be unique so it catches potential clients’ eyes.

2. Consider your design’s practicality

Some companies put a lot of effort into obtaining a detailed design. When printed too small, detail may get lost. Keep designs simple so people can clearly see its intention.

3. Double check delivery costs

Some companies charge excessive amounts for delivery. Even though their items may be the most affordable option, added transport costs may increase the quote extensively. Consider the whole process’ cost before making your final decision.

4. What are your payment options?

Protect yourself against scams and unnecessary effort:

  • Pick suppliers that offer many payment options so you can use the one you’re used to. This can influence banking fees, so you should take this into consideration before placing orders.
  • Some companies ask for 50% payment to confirm an order. This is more than fair, but if they ask that the whole amount be paid up front, you run a risk of being scammed. You should ask to see the items before making the final payment.
  • Don’t agree to cash payments if you don’t know the company. You take a security risk when transporting large amounts of money in person.

5. Do market research

A few simple questions to the public will tell you whether your marketing campaign will work. Plan promotional products and see what people think about it. You’ll quickly see whether your message came through accurately. You can also make sure your campaign doesn’t accidentally offend anyone.

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