Service Guide for Quantity Surveying

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Contractors who are experts in quantity surveying help clients plan costs. Usually this service is connected with a building project. Quantity surveying experts have knowledge about construction costs. They determine what a specific project will cost developers or home owners. They can also advise about the optimum use of space and resources.

Popular Quantity Surveyor Services Include:

Cost assessments, advice and planning

Quantity surveying services are necessary at the outset of a building project. These contractors help to determine what the real cost of the project will be. If they’re made part of the planning team they can help determine the most cost effective approaches for the project.

Contract management

Quantity surveying contractors are experts at the contractual part of a building project. They help clients draw up contracts that are needed for a building development or building project. They are knowledgeable about South African building and contract laws. They give expert advice and produce airtight contracts. Their knowledge is also valuable if any disputes arise as they can act as mediators.

Risk assessments

South Africa has many risks to any development, including:

  • Crime
  • Rain and floods that can easily occur with South Africa’s unpredictable weather conditions
  • Obtaining adequate resources for building

During a quantity surveying procedure a contractor assesses these risks. They help developers put preventative measure in place and plan ahead for any possibility.

Project management

A quantity surveying contractor is skilled at managing projects. Throughout a building project he or she can make sure everything happens according to plan. The purpose of this type of management is to keep to a timeline and to prevent overspending.

5 Tips when Hiring a Quantity Surveyor

1. Enquire about affiliation

South Africa has certain bodies that support quantity surveyors. You can ask your surveyor about his or her affiliation. If the surveyor belongs to one of these bodies, chances are that he or she will use state of the art methods. They will also be informed of any legislation changes that are relevant to your project.

2. Ask for references

It’s wise to use surveyors that other people already trust. Ask around your neighbourhood, or contact developers of recently built structures. If their quantity surveyor did impressive work, they won’t hesitate to share contact details.

3. Use a team

Quantity surveyors work hand in hand with developers and builders. Instead of hiring them separately, it may be wise to use contractors that have worked together in the past. Ask one contractor for other contractors’ details. If they already know each other, it may speed up your process.

4. Ask about credentials and background

Quantity surveying requires exceptional skill and in depth knowledge. You have the right to make sure you employ someone worthy of this role. Ask about training, credentials and experience, so you know your project will benefit from the best service possible.

5. The cost will be worth it

Employing a quantity surveyor may be expensive, but the end result will be worth it. A surveyor helps you use your space and resources to its optimal ability. You may save more money in these areas, than you will need to pay him or her. It’s a momentary investment for long term gain.

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