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Refrigeration takes on many forms, and though it can be seen as a luxury, it has become a vital part of today’s societies. Refrigeration experts assist clients in finding cooling solutions for their specific situation. These experts supply the necessary equipment and can help with installation as needed.

Popular Refrigeration Services Include:

Supply cooling appliances

South Africa’s warm climate makes cooling appliances necessary in many forms. These include:

  • Air-conditioning units
  • Ice machines for home or office use
  • Door seals which can be used in conjunction with cold rooms, or simply to seal a room and prevent cool air escaping

Some refrigeration contractors provide these items and services along with other refrigeration products. This means South Africans can trust one vendor to provide all their cooling needs.

Installing refrigerators

Meat and other consumables will never keep long in South Africa’s warm climate. Therefore, refrigerators are a compulsory item in most of the country’s homes. Contractors supply these fridges, as well as industrial sized units for use in shops and restaurants.

Building cold storage solutions

In some circumstances the best solution is to convert a whole area into a cold or freezer room. This is especially convenient for:

  • Restaurants
  • Florists
  • Wine cellars

It allows for easy entry and large amounts of merchandise can be stored. The exact temperature can be controlled, depending on what the room’s content requires. Pairing this with strip and air curtains at entrances prevents air from warming even when doors are opened. Refrigeration contractors supply components and can help with construction too.

Repair and maintenance services

Any fridge or cold room may need repairs from time to time. In South Africa’s heat you can’t wait too long before you find someone to repair it, as the fridge’s temperature will quickly rise. Refrigeration contractors have knowledge and skills to tend to these problems on behalf of clients.

5 Tips when you need Refrigeration Services

1. Make sure you stay eco-friendly

Cooling procedures take up a lot of energy. If you’re concerned about the environment, make sure you stay eco-friendly, even in terms of refrigeration. By keeping doors closed and increasing insulation, you prevent temperatures rising, which will save energy. You can also use solar panels to power cooling mechanisms, instead of the standard utility grid.

2. Determine the effect on your electricity bill

Before you start purchasing refrigeration components, determine the effect it will have on your electricity bill. You may opt for a smaller cold room if you see the monthly expense will put strain on your budget.

3. Will you find replacement parts?

Be informed about which parts often need replacement and how available they are on the market. It’s wise to purchase a top-of-the-range product so you can obtain replacement parts for years to come. Alternatively you can purchase spare parts and store them until you need them.

4. Ask for guarantees

Building a cold room or installing an air-conditioning unit requires a huge expense. Make sure you don’t have to pay for small problems in the near future, by getting written proof of guarantees. It’s wise to employ contractors who offer guarantees on both parts and workmanship.

5. Will it work for all seasons?

Many people purchase air-conditioning units during summer, but forget about their winter needs. Then they have an additional expense of purchasing a heater. It may be wise to purchase air-conditioning that can switch between cold and warm air, so you can make use of it in all seasons.

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