Service Guide for Sandblasting

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The process of sandblasting propels a jet of sand at high pressure towards an object. The pressure is created by compressed air or steam. When the sand hits the surface, it can cause a rough or smooth texture, depending on the materials used. This process is performed by experts who know how to implement safety when using high pressure processes. The result has practical and decorative uses.

Popular Sandblasting Services Include:

Sandblasting is used for cleaning

If you’re building structures in South Africa’s climate, rainstorms splash cement and grime all over surfaces. Rain also results in rust. Sandblasting is the ideal way to remove these types of grit. The force with which it hits the surface, lifts the unwanted material, leaving the area clean. By using the correct type of sand, the surface won’t be damaged.

Sandblasting for decorative purposes

A popular way of decorating glass used in South African homes, is sandblasting patterns onto it. The sandblasted area will be slightly rougher to the touch and it loses it transparency. This has decorative and practical uses. This method can be used to put patterns on almost any home item to decorate it, including:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Metal

Sandblasting for practical use

The effect of sandblasting can be used as a writing tool on many surfaces (mentioned above). South African companies use this method on their signage, to etch words, logos and pictures. The effect is neat, sleek and looks professional.

Sandblasting equipment can be hired

Sandblasting is a hobby one can try at home. You simply need to keep safety measures in mind, such as wearing masks so you don’t inhale the fine dust. Equipment for such a hobby can be purchased from many South African sandblasting companies. It includes:

  • Compressors
  • Hoses
  • Nozzles
  • Protective gear
  • Sand

5 Tips when Hiring a Sandblaster

1. What material will be blasted?

If you’re planning on sandblasting home items, discuss your plans with the sandblasting contractor. Do this before you purchase the items to be sandblasted, so you can adjust your plans if necessary. Most surfaces can be sandblasted, but there are exceptions.

2. What is the company’s expertise?

Some companies do more industrial cleaning than decorative sandblasting. Sandblasting requires skill, and accuracy develops over time. Employ one who focuses on the service you require, so you know the end result will be pleasing.

3. Be practical about your timeline

If you’re busy with a huge building project, it doesn’t make sense to employ sandblasters for cleaning purposes all the time. Make sure all building is done and call the sandblasting team to come in then. Otherwise they may clean the same surface more than once, and you end up wasting money.

4. Ask for references

If you’re employing sandblasting contractors to work on detailed pictures for decorative or signage projects, research contractors’ backgrounds. You don’t want an amateur company damaging an expensive décor piece. Ask for samples and talk to their previous clients.

5. Where do you want the work done?

Most sandblasting equipment can easily be transported. If you prefer the work to be done on your premises, ask about contractors’ call out fees and services. It may save you time and effort.

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