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Security companies offer a variety services to keep individuals and premises safe. Security services focus on proper warning systems to prevent damage. The second goal is dynamic action to take control of dangerous situations. This service can be implemented in public and private areas.

Popular Security Services Include:

Security system installation

Homes and businesses in South Africa is under constant threat from criminals. Building owners task security services to install alarm systems to warn of intruders and to deter criminals. Installations include:

  • Door sensors
  • Movement sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Access control systems
  • Remote monitoring

Response and patrol teams

To obtain control in a dangerous or criminal situation, effective action is needed. South African security services join forces with the SAPS if necessary, to obtain the best outcome. Response teams can chase criminals by foot or in vehicles. These teams can do regular checks or be called in case of emergency.

Security for public events

South Africa’s diversity does create the possibility of public events resulting in conflict. Public events call for excellent security. Security services check individuals for weapons, keep an eye on vehicles to prevent break ins and handle public conflicts to return peace. They can call the SAPS in more serious situations.

Risk assessments

South Africa has unique risk factors and many of them are dependent on area. Any premises that needs security services firstly needs a risk assessment to gauge which precautions are needed. These assessments can also be used as reference for insurance companies to determine insurance premiums.

Cash in transit

South African criminals prey on cash transportation vehicles. They see this as a quick way to obtain a lot of money. In recent years more and more security precautions are taken with these vehicles to ensure safety of money and personnel.

5 Tips when Hiring Security Services

1. Only trust the best and well known

Security needs to be constant and of high quality to be effective. If you hire cheaper security services they may not have enough personnel or vehicles to help you when you need them. It’s wise to trust well-known companies with an excellent track record.

2. Confirm and communicate contact numbers

The best way to communicate security services is via telephone. Expert companies have control rooms that are available 24/7. Make sure you obtain the correct numbers and communicate it to your household and personnel so no misunderstandings occur. You need to know help will arrive speedily whenever needed.

3. Discuss maintenance and repairs

A security system may malfunction from time to time. It may need a service, repairs or replacements. Make sure it’s always in working order through regular tests. Security services must be part of these tests so you know the control rooms receive alarm notifications.

4. What happens when you’re on holiday?

When going on holiday you don’t want to worry about your belongings back home. Ask security services whether they offer additional security for special circumstances. They can drive by your premises more often so criminals are deterred.

5. Plan ahead

Your security requirements now may change in future. If you know your home or business will expand eventually, mention this to security services. They can install a large enough control panel so you can add more sensors. If you don’t plan, you may have to make unnecessary capital investments which could have been prevented.

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