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Security training enables graduates to pursue a career in the area of security work. Many security companies have security training for employees, to improve their level of service to clients and the public. Security training is handled by experts in the field. They impart their knowledge and skills so trainees learn how to handle a variety of circumstances.

Popular Security Training Services Include:

Online training modules

In South Africa and around the globe, online security training is possible. This medium is excellent to offer theoretical training. It’s a more affordable way of teaching, since no venue is needed. Training can happen via an online course or a webinar.

Cyber security training

South Africans are constantly at risk of online attacks. These are in the form of computer viruses or malware. Security training to combat this kind of crime can be found as part of IT courses, or online curriculums.

Fire-arm and other physical training

South African criminals are prone to use physical force or weapons. Security training for guards and police incorporate physical training, so they can react instinctively when the following is necessary:

  • Fire arm combat
  • Physical combat

Additional training prepares these guards for unique situations:

  • Firefighting when necessary
  • When medical assistance is needed
  • Evacuations
  • Handling conflict

Theoretical training

Security training prepares security personnel in many ways. In any conflict they must act within the confines of South African laws. Theoretical training on legal matters and procedures prepare security personnel to handle situations legally correct.

5 Tips when you need Security Training

1. Make sure of the requirements

Security training is an excellent career decision, but you must ensure you’re eligible to receive the training. You may be refused access to the course if:

  • You aren’t physically able to perform certain tasks
  • You have a criminal record

Find out about all the details before you apply, so you’re not disappointed later on.

2. Make sure of the outcomes

What will you learn exactly? The market is full of security training options. You must make sure the outcome is in line with your expectations. If you want to learn about a specific aspect of security, make sure it’s part of the course you pick.

3. Ask about opportunities

When the training is done, the ideal situation is to start working as a security officer. However, this may not be a guarantee. What if the course you followed isn’t acknowledged by certain employers? Make sure you pick a training course that will open the correct doors for you.

4. Make sure you’re compatible with the work

You must be realistic about the rigours and challenges of security work. Protecting others is a noble cause, but it can cause a lot of stress. Make sure it’s an environment in which you will flourish mentally and emotionally, so you don’t regret your decision later on.

5. Trust established companies

A wise option is to receive security training from an established security company. Many of them offer this type of training. If you impress instructors, you may be offered a position at the company without even applying. Ensure an easy path by picking the correct training environment.

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