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Shop fitting specialists help clients construct the ideal shopfronts, store interiors and temporary stalls. They use creative and practical approaches to turn a space into the ideal area. The purpose may be purely to attract attention of passers-by, or to utilise space as an activity area. They use different materials and have the necessary tools to deliver excellent workmanship.

Popular Shop Fitting Services Include:

Design of shopfronts and stalls

Shop fitting specialists are trained in aspects such as interior design and marketing. They use this knowledge to design shopfronts that catch the attention of potential clients. In South Africa they make sure the shopfront is relevant to all cultures so shop owners benefit optimally.

Manufacture and installation

Shop fitting specialists manufacture panels, cupboards and other objects needed for the shopfronts. They install all these panels on behalf of the client. This gives busy South African business owners an effortless way of improving their stores’ looks.

Customised furniture

Some shop fitters sell furniture pieces that can be used as part of the display. This may be a table or chair for décor reasons or as a practical addition to the inside of the store. Shop fitting specialists can also supply customised pieces if required. This is an excellent option for South African franchises. By using the same customised pieces in all related shops, unity between the stores is obtained.

Clean up services

South Africans love attending expos. They are the ideal places to market a product or service. Shop fitting specialists can set up a stall on behalf of a business. After the expo these contractors can break it down and clean up the area. This means business owners can go back to their regular responsibilities as soon as possible.

5 Tips when you Hire Shop Fitting Specialists

1. Be part of the planning

Make sure the design is in line with:

  • Your practical requirements
  • The style you love
  • The overall style of your business

Be part of the planning so you can keep shop fitting specialists on the right track.

2. Which items can you provide yourself?

Shop fitting specialists offer a range of services which make it easy to put together the ideal shopfront, but you may not need all the offered products. If you already own stunning furniture, ask the shop fitter to incorporate it into the design, so you can stay within your budget.

3. Talk about timelines

When a shop fitter revamps your store front or interior, the work may take some time. If this is done during business hours the activities and noise may disturb customers. Ask shop fitters to do the work as quick as possible, or ask them to return after hours. A new look should attract clients, not chase them away.

4. Confirm the quality of their workmanship

Before employing a shop fitting specialist, make sure you pick the correct one. Ask for portfolios and talk to previous clients. Their workmanship must be of the utmost quality, since their handiwork will showcase your entire business.

5. How long will you love it?

During the planning stages you need to talk about how long you want the shopfront or interior to stay that way. This will determine whether you pick a theme—which can quickly go out of fashion—or stick to classic styles and fabrics.

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