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The visual aspect of shops, stalls and businesses are important. Clients react strongly to what they see, so you can make an immediate, powerful impression by planning your shopfront well. Shopfitting contractors help with the planning and building of these shopfronts. They have creative and technical skills, as well as necessary tools to create gripping structures.

Popular Shopfitting Services Include:

Designing and building shopfronts

Many South African entrepreneurs try their hands at a new shop or restaurant. A shopfitting contractor can help make an immediate positive impression on passers-by. The contractor helps the shop owner pick a theme and décor for windows, as well as the shop interior. The shopfitter implements this plan, turning a bland space into a visually striking business.

Creating temporary exhibition stands

South Africans love attending expos at large venues. These expos have many stalls. The businesses who exhibit their wares need to make a powerful visual impact to stand out from the many other vendors. Shopfitting vendors help businesses plan and build these stalls. A stall can be built from materials such as wood, metal or Perspex. It can contain tables, chairs or storage space, depending on the vendor’s requirements.

Dismantling of structures

After a long expo, vendors are usually very tired. They also have to act on all the leads that accumulated during the expo. Shopfitting contractors take care of dismantling the stalls, so businesses can carry on with their usual commitments.

Providing features to customise clients’ space

South Africans love effortless business. Shopfitting contractors know this, so they make sure their businesses offer one-stop options. Apart from building shopfronts, stalls and interiors, shopfitters supply loose tables, chairs & décor. These enhance the built areas aesthetically and practically. A client has no need to go in search of furniture, because everything is already provided.

5 Tips when Hiring a Shopfitter

1. What materials do you prefer?

A shopfitting contractor usually has amazing creative talents and may come up with amazing ideas to enhance your shop or stall. You have to make sure the plan fits your image. Does wood or metal fit with your overall style? You must also approve of the materials being used. If you want your shop to use eco-friendly materials, communicate this with the shopfitter.

2. What is your timeline? Can they keep to it?

Discuss timelines with your shopfitter. They have a lot to do, and usually time is limited. Make sure they understand your timeline and can keep to it. Promising a bonus payment if the work is finished early is an excellent way of making sure they’ll work fast.

3. What will make your structure stand out from the rest?

A shopfront is part of your marketing campaign. You need passers-by to remember your business. If you’re planning your shop, it’s worthwhile to take some chances. Add something—colours or décor or a slogan—that will grab attention. It should make people curious, so they don’t just pass by, but enter.

4. Who should be your supplier?

It’s convenient if your shopfitting contractor can supply all materials and furniture for your shopfront or stall. However, you should compare the quote with alternative options. You may be able to source some items—such as furniture—from elsewhere at a lower price. Don’t let convenience cost you too much money.

5. How will the process interfere with your schedule?

If you’re revamping a shop, it will interfere with your daily routine. Discuss the process with the shopfitters, so you know what’s to come. Ask if they can work after hours so your clients don’t have to be disturbed. Communicate the final plan with your employees, so everyone can prepare accordingly.

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