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Shuttle services help the public travel safely and conveniently by vehicle. Shuttle services with drivers can be booked to pick up individuals or groups of people at one venue and drop them at another. These services usually follows a 24/7 policy. They make it easy for individuals to travel when personal vehicles aren’t available or a practical alternative.

Popular Shuttle Services Include:

Shuttles to and from the airport

Parking at South African airports are expensive. This fact makes shuttle services a wise option, especially when a car will need to stay in a parking area for a long time. Various shuttle services’ prime business comes from transporting travellers between airports and homes or other accommodation.

Day outings

South Africa has amazing sights to see and activities to experience. These are best enjoyed when shared with others. A group of people can book shuttle services to transport them on a day outing, or even a long tour.

The vehicle and a driver is usually at the group’s disposal for the whole trip. This makes the days relaxing to everyone, since no one has to drive. If alcohol is consumed during the outing, it’s best that no one takes responsibility for driving, and this is why shuttle services are such an excellent travelling option.

Long distance drives

Not everyone loves driving long distances. It can be dangerous if someone’s not used to driving for hours at a time. A better option is to book shuttle services when you need to travel far. There’s also the benefit of enjoying the amazing South African scenery while the driver concentrates on the road.

Door-to-door service

Shuttle services can be booked for any distance. Clients will be picked up at the place they’re staying at and dropped at the address they need to go to. This is an excellent option for those who don’t like driving on South Africa’s busy roads.


South Africa is a country where a simple drive on a highway exposes one to beautiful scenery and the reality of life in Africa. Shuttle services transport tourists around the, so they can enjoy the sights instead of getting tired out with driving themselves.

5 Tips when Hiring Shuttle Services

1. What do people say about their security?

Getting into a car with a stranger has the potential to make you feel uncomfortable. You can help put some fears to rest by investigating a shuttle service’s reputation. Positive reviews should be a sign that drivers are vetted and security precautions such as vehicle tracking is put in place.

2. How are costs calculated?

Cost is an important matter to consider. If you do own a car, it doesn’t make sense using shuttle services costing exorbitant amounts. Compare a few companies’ costs so you know what the common asking price is and compare it with fuel costs when you drive yourself.

3. Will the vehicle wait for you?

Most people who order shuttle services need to return to their original point of departure. If your appointment doesn’t take long, ask whether the vehicle will wait for you. If not, will you need to contact the company again for a pick-up? You don’t want to be left alone or stranded, as this carries security risks. Confirm all travel plans before you set out on your trip.

4. What type of car will be used?

If you have a lot of luggage or if a large group is travelling, you need to make sure there’s enough space for people and their belongings. Shuttle services may charge more if they need to send a bigger car or one with a luggage trailer. For long trips the additional expense may be worth the comfort of the trip.

5. Discuss insurance

Some shuttle services offer Passenger Liability Insurance which protects them if accidents occur. Discuss this with the shuttle services so you understand the company’s and your own rights in a case of emergency.

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