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To stay ahead in today’s technologically advanced society, companies must utilise the advantages of software development. Via software development, companies acquire programs and applications that streamline business processes. A software development vendor customises existing programs to fit a business’ requirements, or writes new ones for optimal efficiency.

Popular Software Development Services Include:

Designing software for the client’s benefit

South African businesses must stay ahead of the times if they want to make local and international impact. A software development vendor works alongside a business to discover what its software needs are. A plan is devised and software developed to fulfil this need. These programs can be for any division such as administration, finances or production.

Helping clients implement software

The South African educational system doesn’t prepare all students to use computers and software. New software can be quite daunting to new users. Software development companies assist businesses and their employees with an implementation program. The new program is tested, training is given and tests are done to confirm the goal is met.

Support and maintenance

Software programs can develop problems, if mistakes are made or software becomes outdated. Software development companies offer support to their clients whenever problems arise, so problems can be fixed. They can maintain the software with regular updates to prevent future issues.

Developing customised applications

In South Africa—as in the rest of the world—mobile applications help to get things done faster. Businesses can have a customised application developed, so customers obtain services and interact with the company in a quick & easy manner.

Web hosting services

South Africans love getting things done in the easiest way possible. Some software development contractors offer website design and hosting services. All software needs are then covered by one vendor. The additional benefit is that the company’s customised software can be incorporated into its website.

5 Tips when Hiring a Software Developer

1. Make sure the correct platforms are used

When talking with your software developer, devise a long term plan. Software is developed for a certain component—such as a computer or a Smartphones—and certain platforms—such as websites or social media. Make sure you pick components and platforms that you’ll still be using in a few years, so you don’t waste money on unnecessary development costs.

2. What operating system do you prefer?

Different operating systems exist—such as Windows and iOS—which need unique programs. What type of computers do you use? What type of Smartphones must be enabled on the new software? This determines the operating systems that must be compatible with the software. Discuss these needs with the developers.

3. Is it user friendly?

Some software development companies design complicated programs that can do a lot, but aren’t user friendly for the average employee. Ask the developers for regular updates and tests, so you can see whether their programs are easy to understand. It must work for you, your employees and the customers if applicable.

4. Is maintenance necessary, or can you handle it yourself?

Talk to the developers about maintenance requirements. Small updates or adjustments can be handled by employees if they are well trained. You can save money if the software developers don’t have to be paid to fix every little problem.

5. What if you find a glitch?

Discuss eventualities with your software development team. Problems are inevitable, because few programs are completely perfect. Confirm what procedure you should follow to get help as soon as possible. You must also know who will be responsible for costs, so you can budget accordingly.

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