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Solar power has become a sought after energy source. It can supply enough power to replace conventional power sources, so users are less reliant on the utility grid. Solar installation contractors help home owners and businesses draw the benefits of these systems. Solar installation contractors assess a client’s situation determining the need, cost and possibilities. They then supply and install the systems.

Popular Solar Installation Services Include:

Residential solar heating

Home owners in South Africa are privileged to have the ideal placing to benefit from solar power systems. Sunny South African days provide sun energy that can be transformed into electrical power. Solar systems can help to:

  • Heat water
  • Provide electricity for daily use

Solar installation contractors supply and install these systems, which can be one of the following:

  • Grid-tied systems
  • Off-grid systems
  • Hybrid solar systems

Most installations are done on a home’s roof, facing north.

Commercial solar heating

Many South Africans are focused on being eco-friendly and they love supporting businesses with the same mind-set. Businesses can use solar panels to power many business activities. If less power from the grid is used, the environment benefits. Apart from impressing clients with this approach, businesses draw the following benefits:

  • Lower electricity bills
  • Tax benefits
  • Increased assets

Solar systems for IPPs

The power of the sun can be best used if solar installations happen in large capacities. Eskom promotes the notion that South Africans can become IPPs (independent power producers) by installing commercial solar farms. Solar suppliers can help plan and install these farms, which can produce power for private, public or commercial use.

Parts and maintenance

A solar power system has many parts that can wear out or get damaged, even though they’re durable. Solar installation contractors supply replacement parts and can handle maintenance when necessary.

5 Tips when you Install a Solar Power System

1. Ask about replacement parts

Many companies try to make money quick by selling solar units. Unfortunately they don’t have a support infrastructure to help maintain these units. Vet your supplier well before making a purchase. Make sure you purchase your solar unit from a reputable company that can easily supply parts in future.

2. Encourage others

Installing a solar power system is a noble act, and it shouldn’t stop with you. Urge friends and family to follow suit. It has many benefits for users and—best of all—the environment.

3. Remember it’s a long term investment

A solar unit may seem an immense expense. You need to think about the long term benefits before you put aside the idea. It will save you a lot of utility expense over a period of years, with very little expenses on maintenance.

4. Trust reviews and references

A solar power system should be installed with excellent workmanship, but as mentioned, there are many scammers and companies who are simply in it for the money. They may charge you a bit less, but ask for references before simply trusting anyone. It may be wise to pay a little extra for proper workmanship.

5. Consider aesthetics

Solar unit designers understand that people are concerned about the aesthetics of their buildings. Luckily, most solar systems can be installed on a roof where it’s mostly out of view. However, you may have a better place on your premises to put this system, so you can keep the immaculate look of your home. As long as the area you suggest is not in the shade at all, it may be a better option. Remember to make sure people and animals can’t reach & damage it.

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