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Sound hire services are necessary whenever sound needs to be amplified to reach a goal. This can be to communicate with a crowd or play music across a large space. Sound hire vendors have high quality speakers as well as all other items needed for a set-up, such as microphones and necessary cables. It takes expert knowledge to gauge how large a sound system must be to send clear sound into a specific space.

Popular Sound Services Include:

Sound hire for concerts

When the musicians start playing at a concert, the crowd must receive quality sound at high volume. South Africans are opinionated in this regard. If you want to impress them and build an excellent reputation for a show, you need to put the correct sound equipment in place. Sound vendors supply technicians as well as equipment such as:

  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Backline for a live band
  • Cabling
  • Microphones
  • Sound mixing consoles
  • Trussing and stands

Selling of sound equipment

People who regularly need sound equipment may find that purchasing it becomes a better alternative in the long run. Sound vendors provide expert advice so customers buy the best on the market, which will last a long time.

Sound hire for corporate events

If South African companies want to make a world class impression on clients, employees or partners, quality sound equipment is necessary for corporate events. It can be to facilitate speakers or play music. You’ll love the feedback you get from attendees when they can hear exactly what’s being said, instead of only listening to a buzz.

Sound hire for mobile shows and DJs

The South African music scene is filled with new DJ talent and other musicians. An excellent way of showcasing this talent is through road shows. Sound vendors provide all that’s necessary for these shows, from mobile stages to DJ consoles. New artists can perform anywhere to meet the public and start building up a fan base.

Sound hire for weddings and other events

South Africans love dancing, so music is a necessity at most weddings and social events. Sound vendors provide equipment so families and friends can enjoy their favourite songs.

5 Tips when Hiring Sound

1. Confirm your venue

The first things a sound vendor will ask you is:

  • How big is the venue?
  • Is the event inside or outside?

A vendor can’t quote without this information, so don’t waste your time. Look for the perfect venue, book it and then start organising.

2. Ask for references

You must make sure you pick a reputable sound vendor. Your whole event can fail if you have a sound team that arrives late, or has terrible people skills. Ask their previous clients for opinions before making a decision.

3. Be willing to spend a little extra

While you should never go outside your budget, consider working a little extra into it for sound equipment. It’s worthwhile to know that your goal will be reached. The quality of the sound can make or break an event.

4. Ask what you must prepare

A sound set-up team usually requires certain practical items such as tables. These are used to put the sound control desk on. They also need a certain amount of space for the equipment. Ask them if a site visit is possible before the event, so you can discuss detail and prepare accordingly.

5. Look for one-stop vendors

Many sound vendors also provide other technical equipment such as lights or cameras. If you need such a full set-up, you may get a better quote by booking all of it at one vendor.

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