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Stage lighting turns an ordinary event into something spectacular. When stage lighting is positioned and used correctly, it enhances what’s on stage, whether it’s for corporate or entertainment purposes. Stage lighting can be hired or bought. The suppliers have expert technical knowledge in terms of correct setup positions and electricity requirements.

Popular Stage Lighting Services Include:

Renting lighting for live events

South Africans love going to music events, but the shows’ impact won’t be that amazing, if there’s no stage lighting. If a certain venue has no lighting, or needs more to make an impact, event co-ordinators hire stage lighting to add necessary visual effects. Lights range from ordinary par cans to moving-heads and spotlights. They’re connected to light controllers so they can be put on and off according to your wishes.

Selling lighting equipment

Having your own stage lighting equipment can save money in the long run, especially if you host regular events. South Africa has world class equipment available, so anyone can easily obtain quality lighting equipment, as long as you have a budget for it. Stage lighting experts sell these products and advise the public on what will be the best equipment for a specific scenario.

Audio, visual and stage equipment hire

Stage lighting goes hand in hand with other stage equipment. Quite a few South African companies offer a one-stop service. You can obtain everything from a mobile stage, sound speakers, mobile screens, projectors and your lights, from one vendor.

Supply generators for temporary use

Stage lighting requires a reliable three-phase electric power, because some lights are quite sensitive. A dip in power can blow out globes. South Africa’s unreliable electricity service adds to the risk. Vendors usually have generators for hire as well, so you can have a back-up system, or replace the original electricity source if it’s not sufficient.

Supply stage technicians

Stage lighting and other stage equipment can be complicated to set-up and use if you don’t have experience. Lighting vendors hire out technicians to assist event co-ordinators in set-ups and during the actual event. In some cases a technician from the vendor is a compulsory expense, to guard against breakages.

5 Tips when Hiring Stage Lighting

1. Ask about the brands they use

There are many stage lighting brands on the market, but not all of them are of high quality. You need to know the lights and the controllers will work effectively throughout the show. Read reviews to gauge which brands are trustworthy.

2. What do the reviews say?

A stage lighting vendor should have a positive track record before you hire him or her. Lighting is such an integral part of your event, so make sure you hire someone who will benefit the outcome.

3. What was the previous project they worked on?

An excellent way of gauging a company’s reputability is to ask about previous projects. You’ll know whether they can handle your type and size event. On social media you can also see what the feedback was of the event.

4. Talk about a timeline

Setting up stage lighting can take some time, depending on the size of your event. Discuss timelines with your vendor and let them come in a day earlier if necessary. You don’t want the event to be delayed because technicians are still moving around to set up lights.

5. Get as many quotes as possible

There are quite a few companies in South Africa offering this service. You can find one that can meet your requirements at a reasonable price, if you do some intense homework. Most of them are willing to barter, simply to secure work, so take a chance and you might walk away with an excellent quote.

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