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Taxi cabs are there whenever personal transport is unavailable or unpractical. Taxi companies offer transport in an array of vehicles to carry people to their destinations. Reputable companies employ excellent drivers and make sure legal requirements are in place. Taxi cabs are the easy option to get from point A to B.

Popular Taxi Services Include:

A taxi for a short trip

Many people need transportation for short day trips. South Africa’s roads are filled with uncouth drivers, and some people simply don’t want to deal with them. Others don’t have their own means of transport or don’t want to drive after consuming alcohol. Taxi cabs can be booked in advance, or called for immediate service. Taxi apps on Smartphones make booking a taxi even easier.

Specialized companies

Some taxi cabs are focused on certain routes. Many people require taxi cabs to travel to and from airports. Parking at South African airports is quite expensive, so it’s not sensible to leave a car there during a long trip away. Some taxi cabs make these passengers their focus, waiting at the airport for new customers, or picking them up at their residences.

Long trips

If you don’t love driving yourself, taxi cabs can transform long trips into more bearable times. You can enjoy the South African scenery, while someone else takes care of driving. You can also get work done if necessary, instead of wasting time behind the wheel.

Bus services

Companies who provide taxi cabs may offer bus services as well. This service makes group travel possible, over short or long distances. This is a comfortable option for tourists to South Africa, or when friends want to enjoy quality time together.

5 Tips when Booking Taxi Cabs

1. Confirm rates and meter guidelines

Taxi cabs charge according to fixed rates and meters that are installed in the cars. Avail yourself of these guidelines so you can determine what the cost of your trip will be. You don’t want to be surprised by a hefty bill that breaks your budget.

2. Ask about liability

Taxi cabs should have liability guidelines in place. This concerns your and their responsibilities in case of emergency or accident. This paperwork should form part of the agreement you sign when booking the cab. This paperwork protects all parties concerned.

3. Book well in advance

Don’t leave transport logistics too late. Taxi companies have limited vehicles available. You don’t want to be left without transport while the rest of your trip is planned perfectly. Early booking guarantees that you’ll get the best car possible. You don’t want to travel without air-con facilities, simply because you’re getting the oldest car in the fleet.

4. Make sure you book the right size

Whether you’re booking a cab for yourself or a group, discuss storage space with the company. If you’re taking luggage, there must be enough space to store it, without making your journey uncomfortable.

5. Use easy online applications

It’s no longer necessary to spend hours on the telephone booking your next trip. Many taxi cabs can be booked via online applications. Logistics and payments take a matter of minutes and by doing it yourself, you prevent misunderstandings that come in play with verbal communication. This is a fast and secure modern invention, which makes life and travelling easy.

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