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Marketing is essential to build any business. A dynamic tool to use in a marketing campaign is telemarketing. Telemarketing contractors handle the whole process on your behalf, so you can focus on other business aspects. They are well versed in marketing processes, so they can give clients an all-round service and advice.

Popular Telemarketing Services Include:

Creating and managing a database

The first question you need answered is who can be contacted via a telemarketing campaign. South Africa has so many different cultures and types of communities. Only some can be seen as realistic target markets. Your product determines which of these groups need to be contacted.

Telemarketing contractors help clients determine who the target market is. They help clients build and manage a database of these individuals. This information can be used for future campaigns.

Obtaining leads

Companies who handle telemarketing are skilled at obtaining worthwhile leads. They put processes in place to obtain contact information of potential clients that fit the scope of your target market. The power of online processes and social media is harnessed for this purpose. This is an international trend and South African companies are quickly catching up.

Marketing and sales via phone

When a database and a target audience exists, marketing can begin. Many South Africans respond to sales done via telemarketing. This method enables consumers to purchase items without even leaving their homes or offices. It’s a popular method of selling services such as insurance or banking.

Assistance with marketing campaigns

Companies who manage telemarketing are usually skilled marketers in general. They help clients devise dynamic marketing campaigns. These campaigns incorporate telemarketing, but isn’t limited to the one service. Various approaches are used—such as online marketing and brand building—so a client draws customers in many ways.

5 Tips when in need of Telemarketing

1. Compare their rates

It’s imperative you compare companies’ rates with each other. Many times, companies who are experts at a certain skill offer excellent rates to consistently obtain new clients. Marketing companies who offer general marketing services may offer more options, but ask exorbitant prices. This may be because their infrastructure doesn’t support the telemarketing process yet and they have to outsource certain activities.

2. Can they give feedback?

An important feature in marketing is feedback. You have to know if the campaign is working. Expert marketers will offer analytics and reports so you can see what percentage of people respond positively. If reporting doesn’t form part of offered services, it may be wise to employ a different company.

3. Do you need local or international clients?

Some marketing companies focus on local clients, while others are internationally connected. Your infrastructure and product determine whether you need international connections. If local services will suffice, it may be better to employ a smaller, local company. Rates may be lower and since you don’t need to make global connections, there’s no reason to pay for it.

4. Ask for references

Any proud service provider should have a portfolio and references. Ask for these when you’re vetting a few telemarketing companies. You need to know that they offer quality service, dedicate themselves to clients and give expert advice.

5. What is the scope of your needs?

You should think about how beneficial an all-round marketing company can be for your business. If you only need telemarketing, you should find a company that focuses on that service. However, if you need general marketing assistance, a company which offers many services may be beneficial to your cause. You can pay one company for all the marketing needs you have. This can save time, effort and money.

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