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Towing services transport vehicles when they can’t be driven. This can be necessary after an accident or when a car breaks down. Towing services have customised vehicles. These vehicles are strong enough to tow another car and has equipment that makes towing effortless & safe. Towing contractors are knowledgeable about safety measures on the road, so they can help keep order in case of accidents and emergencies.

Popular Towing Services Include:

Roadside assistance in case of emergency

South Africa is known for its high crime rate and this includes high-jackings and murders. You don’t want to be alone on the side of the road with no transport to take you to safety. Towing companies offer roadside assistance to help citizens:

  • Towing contractors can help change tyres or fix small problems.
  • Towing contractors can call emergency vehicles such as police or an ambulance if necessary.
  • Towing contractors can stand guard while you wait for other help to arrive.

Transporting vehicles on flatbed trucks

After a vicious accident, some vehicles are so damaged that towing is not a viable option. Towing companies have flatbed trucks that are big enough to load a vehicle onto. It can be transported to a scrapyard or panel beater.

Asset transportation

The ideal way to transport large items across South Africa, is by road. Towing companies’ flatbed trucks are large enough to carry a variety of assets, furniture or vehicle parts. They can be contracted to transport items to any city in South Africa, so owners don’t have to book planes. Towing contractors are used to driving at any time of day, so you can be sure your assets will arrive safe.

Vehicle Towing

Towing companies patrol South African roads in areas where accidents are prone to happen. They can also be contacted to come to a specific address. Whenever needed, a broken vehicle can be towed with expert equipment. This equipment allows for towing, without the vehicle getting damaged any further.

Vehicle repairs

Many towing companies partner with panel beaters to offer an all-round service. They can tow your vehicle to their premises and you may even receive discounts on repair fees.

5 Tips when Hiring a Towing Service

1. Don’t pay more just because it’s an emergency

Towing companies know how desperate people feel when stuck without transport beside the road. They prey on this and ask exorbitant fees. You should get a few quotes before making your decision of who to hire.

2. Liaise with your insurance company

Only some towing agencies are contracted by insurance companies. Your insurance should pay for the towing and repair expense, but only if you use the correct company. Check with your insurance company on who you can hire within their guidelines.

3. Discuss risks and responsibilities

It’s risky towing a vehicle in traffic. Your car can become loose from the tow truck, or another accident can happen. Discuss these scenarios with the towing company, so you know what will happen if something goes wrong. This will keep the towing contractor on its toes to guard against any eventualities.

4. Learn to barter

The towing industry is a competitive market. Each towing company wants to get as much work as possible to grow their business. They may be open to discuss rates and prices, simply to secure the work.

5. Keep a reputable company on speed-dial

An accident can happen at any time. Do your research and find a reputable towing company with reasonable rates. Keep its detail close by so you know who to call whenever you’re in trouble. The company may even offer better rates for regular customers.

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