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Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) are necessary when you fear power outages. A UPS acts as a power source to home or office equipment when the regular power grid fails. This power source serves this purpose for a limited time until its battery power runs out. UPS installer plan, supply and install these systems based on clients’ power requirements.

Popular UPS Installer Services Include:

Design of dynamic system

South Africa’s power utility grid is quite unstable. Home owners and office managers invest in UPS systems so power cuts don’t damage electronic equipment. This is especially necessary for computer systems, because data can be lost when power cuts occur. UPS installers determine the amount of power needed to drive necessary items in a home or office.

Supply and installation

A UPS system strong enough to power necessary items is needed. The moment the power drops, the UPS must take over supplying power to electrical appliances such as computers. UPS installers supply these units, connect them to the circuit and make sure the systems work effectively.

Service level agreements

Power problems in South Africa can happen at any moment. UPS owners must know their systems are ready to work at all times. UPS installers provide service level agreements which include testing and maintenance services to keep systems in working order.

Hiring service

South Africans may only need a UPS for a short period, for example during a certain event or project. UPS installers offer hiring services for these scenarios. You can hire the unit at an hourly or daily rate. Technicians will connect it to the circuit for the duration of the project, so you don’t have to fear power problems.


An addition or alternative to a UPS is a generator. This has become a popular item for many South Africans who don’t want to be without power at home or the office. Some UPS installers offer this service, which can be more beneficial than a UPS system if large amounts of power is needed.

5 Tips when you need a UPS Installed

1. Ask about side effects

All UPS systems aren’t perfect. Some of these units cause a buzzing noise. This may be problematic in an office where silence is needed for effective work. Ask your UPS installers about this. It may be better to purchase a more expensive unit if it guarantees silence.

2. Can you do it yourself, or do you need professional assistance?

A UPS can easily be connected to a building’s power system, if you have enough knowledge about electrical processes. You can ask for advice and purchase all the necessary items from experts, but you may save some money by attempting to install it yourself.

3. Allocate a space

A UPS can require quite an amount of space, depending on how strong a system you require. Discuss this with your UPS installers so you can allocate adequate space for it. It can be quite an expensive item, so make sure it’s safe and secure wherever it’s placed.

4. Think about aesthetics

Most UPS units are designed to look modern and sleek. However, this may still not be the most aesthetically pleasing item in your home or office. Try and place it out of sight if you’re concerned about an area’s look. Keep this in mind when you’re planning where to put it.

5. Ask for realistic predictions

A UPS can only power a system for a certain amount of time. Make sure your UPS installers give you accurate predictions about how long you’ll be able to use it after a power outage. Ask them about unplugging unnecessary items if you need to prolong the battery life.

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