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Vehicle branding on your company’s fleet is an ideal way of elevating a marketing campaign. It can also be used to decorate your personal vehicle. During vehicle branding, vinyl pieces with printed designs on, are stuck onto a vehicle’s exterior. Vehicle branding companies can simply supply the vinyl stickers to car owners, or do the application too.

Popular Vehicle Branding Services Include:

Turning an average car into a dream-car

South African’s see their cars as their pride and joy. A car is a statement of style, stature and class, even more than it’s simply a mode of transportation. The vinyl stickers used for vehicle branding can give an ordinary car a whole new look in any colour and design imaginable. It lasts for up to five years and can be changed whenever the owner wants to.

Ensuring a vehicle fits a brand

A company’s fleet can be a moving billboard. Vinyl is durable enough to survive the harsh South African sun and even rainstorms. A company’s logo and contact information is presented to the public, so potential clients are reached, simply by driving down the road.

Providing other branding material

Most companies that do vehicle branding, also do other types of printing and branding. You can print all your company’s promotional items in one place.

Door magnet supplier

Companies who are apprehensive about branding a whole vehicle, or if their information changes regularly, can invest in door magnets. Magnets cling to the exterior of the car and can easily be removed or switched. It’s beneficial in South Africa where cars are often damaged in parking lots. You can keep your branding safe inside the car whenever you fear it may be vandalised.

5 Tips when planning Vehicle Branding

1. View the company’s previous work

Branding needs to be done exceptionally neat, otherwise it ruins the message of professionalism you want to communicate. Make sure the branding company you use can perform printing and application well.

2. Ask about maintenance

Vinyl is durable, but it can still get damaged. Ask the vehicle branding company what measures you can put in place to have the vinyl last as long as possible. Apply this whenever the car is cleaned, so you get the best value for money and the vinyl looks stunning for years on end.

3. Make sure the colours work

If you’re planning a detailed design, make sure the colours you envision in the design will come out the same way after it’s printed. The vehicle branding company should give you a few samples, so you can confirm it’s the colours you want on your vehicle for the next few years.

4. Ask people’s opinion about the design

If you’re doing vehicle branding to catch the public’s eye, make sure you perfect the design. Show your plans to objective parties, so they can advise you on what works and which pieces need more work in terms of designs or colour.

5. Talk about designing services

Many vehicle branding companies have in-house designers. They know what the best approach is in terms of vehicle branding. You can design the images yourself, but using their expertise may serve you better.

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