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Tracking companies helps people put security measures in place to keep vehicles safe and reduce their misuse. Vehicle tracking requires the installation of tracking devices, tracking vehicles while they’re on the move and gathering of reports. This enables vehicle and fleet owners to confirm vehicles keep to planned routes and they can be found if they’re stolen.

Popular Vehicle Tracking Services Include:

Device installation

Contractors install trackers on behalf of vehicle owners to ensure the devices work correctly. Leaving this job to professionals is also a security measure. South African criminals are skilled at circumventing security measures. Vehicle tracking contractors handle installations on clients’ behalf without telling them where the device is hidden, so criminals can’t force owners to tell them where the trackers are.

Vehicle tracking contract

State of the art technology is used to track a vehicle or a fleet. Vehicle tracking companies offer this service to their clients who want constant feedback about vehicles’ positions. Clients can contact a tracking company for information or track the vehicles online. Luckily technology allows one to track a vehicle via GPS signals all over South Africa. Owners can also see if drivers keep within the law by viewing driving speeds.

Recording of data

Vehicle tracking companies store information about a vehicle’s movements. This can be used in courts as evidence. It’s also background information if you suspect your fleet’s drivers abuse company property. In South Africa, criminals often turn out to be employees of the specific company. By proving they go off planned routes you can prosecute them.

Logbook detail

Tracking records distances and times. For personal reference as well as to use for SARS tax returns, the data captured by vehicle tracking companies can be exported as a log book.

Dash-cam installation

Vehicle tracking companies know the risk of high-jackings in South Africa. They offer dashboard-camera installation services which can deter criminals. Cameras give fleet owners peace of mind, because they can view what’s going on in each vehicle.

5 Tips When Installing Vehicle Tracking

1. What is your first step if a vehicle goes missing?

Don’t be caught unprepared. Make sure you find out what the best way is to start finding your vehicle if you suspect it’s stolen. Can you simply SMS the vehicle tracking company? Do you need to call a certain manager? Don’t waste time on speaking to the wrong people.

2. How quick can a tracking device be dismantled?

Ask vendors about the ways a tracking device can be found and put out of use. Pick the company who offers the best quality devices that are hard to disconnect from the system. The longer a thief struggles to dismantle a system, the more time you have to find the vehicle.

3. How easy is it for criminals to find tracking devices?

Make sure the vehicle tracking company puts the tracking devices in a unique place that’s hard to get to. Poke around your car after the unit is installed. Can you find it? If you can, ask the company to relocate the device. If it’s easy for you to find, criminals will find it even quicker.

4. Which services are included in the quote?

Tracking companies offer many services. Large companies need real time tracking, but privately owned vehicles may only require tracking in case of emergencies. Make sure the service you want is included in your contract and don’t pay for services you don’t need.

5. How much control do you want?

Tracking systems vary. Don’t assume every company uses real time tracking. This calls for expensive technology. Some tracking companies view the data themselves, while others offer apps you can use on your phone. How much do you want to be in control? Make sure the service you employ offers what you need.

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