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A videographer captures moving images on film or electronic devices. Technology continually evolves which allows for better quality products. Videography requires advanced equipment such as cameras, lighting and tools to stabilise cameras at unique angles or high positions. Videographers can also handle post production activities to enhance images and put together the final video.

Popular Videography Services Include:

Wedding videography

Wedding videography is a lucrative business, thanks to couples who want to capture detail about their big day. Videographers use the bright African sun and beautiful scenery of South Africa as background, to capture stunning images. Videographers capture poised images as well as general scenes. These are put together in one video as a memento for clients.

Recording of other special occasions

Many South African cultures have significant dates and events. Families want to capture & remember these days, so they employ a videography company to capture it on film. Videographers plan the day with the clients, so they know which shots are what the family wants to view again in future.

Music video recording

The best way a South African artist can share his or her music, is by posting it online. A music video—where the song is matched to visual imagery—shares the music as well as the artist’s style. A videography company works with directors and the artists to plan an interesting concept that fans will remember.

Videos for corporate use

A video is the ideal way to enhance a brand or carry a message. It’s more powerful than the written word or photographs, because sound, emotion and detail can be added. Videos containing corporate information can be used when communicating with clients, or even used as marketing material on TV or social media. Videos can also be used as a medium for teaching.

Post-production services

A videography company can record images and supply the raw footage to the client. Alternatively the footage can be edited, cut and combined to produce the final product. South Africa has excellent designers and producers that perform these services at world class standards.

5 Tips when Hiring a Videographer

1. Ask for a portfolio

A videography company usually has a specific style it follows. You need to make sure their idea of quality and style is in line with what you want. Ask for a few samples, or contact previous clients for references, before you decide on who to employ.

2. Pick a style and stick with it

When you’ve picked a videographer, use one style throughout your project. Styles concern lighting, angles, décor, backgrounds etc. When many different styles are used, the final video may feel disjointed to those who watch it.

3. Consider how photographs can enhance the project

If you’re planning a corporate project or even a wedding, don’t just get stuck on recording a video. Photographs can add much to a project, especially if a viewer doesn’t have time to look through your whole presentation. Think about how photographs can enhance your project and book a photographer in advance. Some videography companies supply both services.

4. Confirm a timeline

Capturing footage and editing takes a lot of time, especially if you want a quality product. Enquire about the time needed for post-production, especially if your video needs to be finished for a certain event. Plan your timeline accordingly.

5. Enquire about equipment

A quality video requires excellent lighting and microphones to capture sound. Discuss the process with your videographer, so you know what is included in your package. A basic package may only supply some of what’s necessary. If you want a better product, you may have to pay more or supply equipment yourself.

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