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Proper window cleaning of large buildings are simply not possible through regular means. Window cleaning companies have the equipment to reach high windows and they use quality cleaning products. Safety measures are kept in mind if cleaners need to work high in the air. Both interior and exterior surfaces can be handled.

Popular Window Cleaning Services Include:

Once-off cleaning

If South African rainstorms and dust result in marks on your home or office windows, it may be time for expert cleaning. Window cleaning services own equipment to reach high windows. Their methods are quick and efficient, using water-fed, extendable pole systems. Home owners don’t have to struggle for hours on their own.

Commercial contract cleaning

An office’s cleanliness makes an impression on clients. The South African weather conditions may leave windows filthy every now and then. Many office buildings have rows of high windows that need regular cleaning. An easy and affordable option is window cleaning services. These companies have equipment to clean high in the air if necessary, such as scaffolds and hoists. Contract cleaning offers regular window cleaning sessions at affordable prices.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are coming into fashion more and more. South Africa’s sunshine serves as an ideal energy source and people are becoming more environmentally conscious. These panels are delicate and need special care. Window cleaning companies have the tools and knowledge to work with delicate structures and clean these panels without damaging them.

Supply window cleaning equipment

South Africans are always looking for new ways to make money. Some window cleaning services provide the equipment to the public or other entities. Window cleaning companies know exactly what’s necessary for excellent cleaning, so they’re the ideal source to trust in supplying cleaning equipment.

5 Tips when Hiring a Window Cleaner

1. Enquire about the products they use

Using distilled water is essential if you want exceptionally clean windows. There will be less marks, residue and streaks. Distilled water is also safe for the garden and living organisms such as birds or the fish in your pond. Ask you cleaners what water they use, as well as which products. Cleaning products should be eco-friendly. Make sure there are no products with harsh smells, or ones you’re allergic to.

2. Compare quotes

Some companies offer free quotes. Make sure they know exactly what you need, so they quote accurately. A site inspection helps in this regard. Compare a few quotes, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

3. Clean all the surfaces you have in one go

The concept of window cleaning can be applied in various contexts. If you have billboards or other flat areas on your premises, consider having them cleaned as well.

4. Ask about their safety precautions

If cleaners have to work in dangerous situations, certain safety measures need to be in place. If you own the premises they work on, by law you’re partly responsible for seeing these guidelines are kept. Ask your window cleaning company about the measures put in place and make sure it’s in line with what the law requires.

5. Plan ahead

Having your windows cleaned may be a lengthy process. If it means unfamiliar people have to work in your private space or in areas with assets and merchandise, you need to put safety measures in place. Make sure there’s someone to keep an eye on your valuables and warn everyone involved of the temporary disruptions.

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