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During a window tinting process, a fine film is applied to glass windows. The window will still be transparent, but the tint helps in terms of privacy, energy conservation and UV protection. The film even enhances safety levels, since the glass won’t shatter even if it cracks.

Popular Tinting Services Include:

Tinting windows for homes

The harsh South African sun damages skin and objects wherever it reaches. South Africans often forget that UV rays reach through glass windows. Prevent UV damage through window tinting. It also preserves energy since heat can’t escape as easily in winter and temperatures are kept low during summer.

Tinting windows of offices

You can prevent excessive utility bills and manage your company’s budget better, simply by tinting windows. Less air-conditioning will be necessary, since the African sun won’t penetrate each room anymore. Tinting glass partitions between offices with frosted films, adds style to an ordinary office and affords a sense of privacy.

Tinting car windows

Prevent becoming a victim of South Africa’s crime rate, simply by tinting your car’s windows. These tinted films protect you from the sun while driving, but it also prevents the window from shattering if someone’s tries to break a window. You’ll have time to react and get away.

Supply DIY kits

It’s smart to leave window tinting to trained professionals. It requires skill and patience. If you do think you have what it takes, you can order DIY kits from some suppliers. The film, tools and instructions should be enough to guide you through the process.

Tinting for decorative purposes

Window tinting is not only practical, but can also be decorative. Window tinting companies offer a range of patterns and textures, so you can pick one that fits your home. You’ll have the practical benefits of a tint, while your home looks stunning.

5 Tips when you consider Window Tinting

1. Consider the different tinting methods

Window tinting companies offer a range of services. You should search for one that gives you the exact style you’re looking for. You can even consider sandblasting if you simply want a decorative feature.

2. Clean windows while you’re at it

Window tinting companies are experts at working with glass and they usually offer a one-stop service. If you have windows that need cleaning, ask the tinting company you’re already using. It may save you money, because you don’t have to pay an additional call out fee.

3. What works for windows, works for lights

You can have your car’s exterior look better for longer. Apply protective film on your car’s headlights. It will protect against grime and damage. If you do bump into something, the lights won’t shatter as easily as before.

4. Save as much energy as possible

Saving energy is not a once-off action. If you’re installing tinted windows to retain heat and block UV rays, make sure you follow other guidelines—such as keeping doors closed—as well. This will enhance your energy saving more.

5. Plan for the process

If you’re planning on having many windows tinted, make sure you plan around it. You may have workers in your home for a day or two. After your car windows are tinted, remember to tell everyone driving with you, not to open them for at least two days.

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