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Wooden flooring is a popular option when people decorate buildings. Wooden flooring is practical and it bears aesthetic value, because wood has a timeless, classic look. Wooden flooring needs to be installed by experts to ensure longevity. Various types of wooden flooring is offered to fit different scenarios.

Popular Flooring Services Include:

Laminated wood flooring

Laminated flooring is not a wood product, but a synthetic substance with images depicting wood applied on top. Families in South Africa—especially those with small children—love incorporating this into their building plans. It’s easy to maintain and clean. It’s more affordable than solid wood, so young South African families can obtain stunning floors at reasonable prices.

Underfloor heating

South Africa’s colder areas call for additional warming methods when winter strikes. Having underfloor heating makes it unnecessary for unwieldy and dangerous heaters. Companies who do floor installations usually offer this service too.

Wood floor maintenance

If you have a solid wood floor, you know it requires proper maintenance. The harsh sunlight in South Africa can easily let colour fade. Luckily flooring suppliers know how to take care of wood and can do regular maintenance or show you how.

Supply and install timber decks

A timber deck outside a home is the ideal place to end a day, while a beautiful South African sunset entertains you. Flooring suppliers install timber decks. They have knowledge about correctly treating wood, preparing the ground and safely installing the deck.

Solid wood flooring

A solid wood floor is the ideal way of bringing the beauty of the South African bush into your home. Flooring contractors help pick the correct wood, colour and design, so your home receives an everlasting natural touch.

Installation of sports floors

South Africans are proud of their sport heritage and heroes. Much of the stars’ training already starts during school years. Flooring contractors install wooden floors at schools and in gyms. These are the ideal flooring for safe training.

5 Tips when Planning Wooden Flooring

1. Do they care about the environment?

The environment is in danger of being destroyed and you should make it a priority to look after it as much as you can. Support wooden flooring suppliers who purchase wood from entities who grow new trees and use eco-friendly procedures.

2. Determine what you want to use the space for

While solid wood flooring is a terrific option, you may want to reconsider if you’re covering a high traffic area. Children and accidents—such as spilling paint or food—can easily damage wooden flooring. Opt for laminated flooring which can be cleaned easily. It will give the same effect, with less risk.

3. Adapt the colour

Wooden flooring can be stained according to your taste. Ask your supplier about all your options. Wooden flooring is a pricey investment, so make sure you get exactly what you want.

4. Play with patterns

Wood adds a stunning feel to any room. It can add even more lustre to the room if you consider parquet flooring. This approach plays with patterns and colours to create spectacular floors.

5. Enhance your whole area

Wooden flooring can be used in various ways around the house, so you can carry a theme throughout the rooms. Think about wooden benches and stairs. Your flooring suppliers can usually help build these structures too.

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