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Springs Old, Springs
We do all the construction and landscaping work at a reasonable price ...show more
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Springs New, Springs
Our Experience Is Your Guarantee. We are providers of the above mentioned services.Our years of experience in the industry working with top notch professionals has helped us to achieve best results that has left our clients happy through thes ...show more
2 reviews
by Geoffrey, 078****050
He paved my driveway at number 19 Hagart Street Brenthurst He also painted the roof of my house * I am going to contract him to paint the whole house in and outside Very satisfied by his services .
Available 24/7 for all your repair needs. We do all plumbing, electrical, renovations, painting, tiling, repairs, rubble Removal, movers. No job to big or to small. Our services is available all over the gaiteng regain. We do moving services ...show more
1 review
by Herman, 060****766
Excellent service received... Recommended
Kwa-Thema, Springs
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long do tree felling services take to cut down a tree?

    It mostly depends on the size of the tree and how many trees you would like to be cut down. On average, it will take a couple of hours to safely cut down one tree. However, if the tree is tall and bushy, it might take a bit longer. Tree felliing contractors in Springs will want to make sure that they cut down the tree without damaging surrounding areas.
  • Is tree felling noisy?

    The tree felling contractors will make a considerable amount of noise when cutting down the tree. Tools such as saws and axes can make a lot of noise. Sometimes the sound of the tree falling is loud too. It’s a good idea to hire tree felling contractors in Springs when noise won’t be too much of a problem.
  • Why should I use a tree felling service?

    It might seem pointless to cut down a tree, especially if it isn’t causing any obvious problems. However, there are a number of reasons why you might want to cut a tree down. Consider the following:

    - Safety: If a tree hasn’t been taken care of, it could be a hazard. Tree branches have been known to unexpectedly fall off and crush cars, buildings and surrounding objects. This doesn’t happen often, however, it is a possibility.

    - Tree health: Unhealthy trees can harm the other plants and trees in the area. The roots end up shooting through the surface of the earth.

    - Aesthetics: Sometimes trees are positioned in the wrong area. They could be ruining the beauty of a particular space or preventing you from building something new in the same spot.
  • Do tree felling services remove the stump?

    Removing the stump is more difficult and it will probably come at an extra cost. You should carefully consider whether you need the tree stump to be removed. It is possible to hide small tree stumps or make them look more appealing in a garden setting. However, if you intend on building something new in the space, paying for tree stump removal is the way to go.
  • Do tree fellers remove the roots of the tree too?

    If the stump of the tree is going to be removed, the Tree felling contractors in Springs should remove the roots too. However, this can be a very difficult task. Prepare to have people working on it all day. In some cases, they will have to finish the job the next day.
  • Is there a particular season for tree felling?

    Trees can be cut down at any time of the year. However, winter is generally the better time. A large number of trees have no leaves or flowers in the winter time. This means there are less obstacles and it becomes easier for the tree felling contractors in Springs to cut down the trees. Sometimes trees that are weaker break apart more easily in the winter.
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