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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a TLB?

    TLB stands for tractor loader backhoe. It’s a versatile, multipurpose piece of machinery that can be used to dig the earth and load up materials such as rubble and sand. They are lightweight machines that are easily able to move around on their own. If it’s necessary, they can move faster than their bigger, bulkier counterparts.
  • What can TLBs be used for?

    These multi-purpose machines can dig as well as load. They are typically used in a wide range of construction projects in Umlazi. Surprisingly lightweight for their size, they can be moved between different locations. Alternatively, they can be moved on a low bed truck for transport. The machines are recommended for site clean-ups, digging, minor demolitions, earth moving, landscaping, trenching, and general earthworks in Umlazi.
  • Does the TLB hire include a trained operator?

    Unless you have a driver on your crew who is experienced in the operation of TLBs, it is best to request the services of a qualified TLB operator in Umlazi. Many companies in Umlazi explicitly don’t rent out equipment without providing services from a properly trained operator.

    Look for a company in Umlazi that has operators with many years of experience. They should be competent in all aspects of working with clients and be able to advise on all construction projects that they’ll be a part of. Ideally, the operators should be health and safety certified too.
  • How deep can a TLB dig?

    A TLB can dig approximately 3m underground. However, the true depth depends on the stability of the surrounding ground. It also greatly depends on how much accessibility the machine has to the digging site. In optimal conditions, a TLB can dig between 3m-4m down.
  • Is it possible to hire a TLB over the weekend?

    Yes, it is possible to hire a TLB in Umlazi over the weekend from most companies. It’s extremely common for construction projects to take place over the weekend, especially if an office building is being renovated. The rates for renting a TLB over the weekend might be different to the rates during the week, but it should certainly be possible.
  • What happens if the TLB breaks down?

    In the event that there is a mechanical issue at the site, a qualified TLB mechanic can be sent on-site to attend to the issue. If the problem can’t be resolved, it should be possible to rent another TLB.
  • How do I rent a TLB?

    Renting a TLB in Umlazi is usually as simple as placing a phone call or requesting one online. From that point, you’ll be provided with a quote and guided through the process of getting the TLB to the location. You might be asked to pay a deposit before you’re able to use the TLB.
  • Can TLBs operate in any weather condition?

    It’s advisable to operate a TLB in clear weather conditions. If there are strong winds or heavy rain, the TLB shouldn’t be operated at all. Operators in Umlazi will know what kind of weather they can drive the TLB in.
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