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What kind of roof do you have?
Is your roof sloped or flat?
What is the approximate size of your roof?
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How many stories is your building?
What type of property do you have?
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What kind of roof do you have?
Is your roof sloped or flat?
What is the approximate size of your roof?
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How many stories is your building?
What type of property do you have?
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What kind of roof do you have?
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Is your roof sloped or flat?
How many stories is your building?
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Roofs leaking?? Why not use us? 10 year guarantee on our products!! Free quotes!!. We repair any leaking or damaged roof! We specialize in Liquid Rubber Roof spray! We can work on all roofs including big industrial roofs and home owner Roofs! ...show more
0 reviews
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professional and reliable roofing contractors. Any tipe of roofing; Any work on roofing; Painting; Manufacture of roofs and trusses; Ceiling installation; Roof leak repairs. ...show more
0 reviews
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Have you used this business? Write Review
Have you used this business? Write Review
Sonlandpark, Vereeniging
Vaal Professional and Waterproofing Company are the only specialists in liquid rubberizing , We are now on par with the best Water Proofing companies in South Africa. We are more than a name today. With an experience of over 10 Years, we con ...show more
2 reviews
by Deenen, 084****333
Painting and waterproofing
Peacehaven, Vereeniging
Strive for best quality at affordable prices. We do any type of steelwork, burglar proof, carports, palisades, gatemotors, garage door automation and steel structures. All these services includes installation and maintenance. We do call-outs ...show more
3 reviews
by Ben, 082****055
Remove lapa installed polycarb sheeting and build one big carport. Grat service and exellent craftmanship on difficult angles on carport. Previosly installed electric gate motor and pallisades no problems. Can recomend him.
Three Rivers, Vereeniging
Stevil Solutions offers all solutions to your needs. Doesn't matter how big or small. We make time for your specific needs. It is as important to us as it is to you!. We offer a wide range of services to you. Our main aim is to make your need ...show more
2 reviews
by Ruvail, 072****751
The service I received from Stevil Solutions was great. I am very happy with their service delivery and would recommend them to everyone who seeks friendly, quality, neat, and professional services.
Houtkop, Vereeniging
Construction you can count on - big or small we do it all!!. NCG Construction has extensively been involved in the Building & Construction works in the R.S.A and abroad. Hand selected well qualified and committed artisans with expert know- ...show more
0 reviews
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Surfacing and Roofing experts since 2010, no job too big for us. Tarring, Paving and Roofing work at reasonable prices, gathered much experience over nine years and will do a professional job for you ...show more
0 reviews
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Duncanville, Vereeniging
We are in business for more than 20years of experience in woodworking and carpentry. We also recently got involved in the steelworks on roofing and fencing and gates. We make your designs a dream come true, and strive towards quality and va ...show more
1 review
by Carmen, 079****788
Thanks, for a job well done 10/10 thanks, Excellent!!!!
Frequently Asked Questions
Your building’s lifespan is determined by its roof. One leak or problem can influence the entire structure. Do you look after yours well enough? Or perhaps you need one installed urgently? Roofing contractors in Vereeniging are ready for your roofing needs.
  • How long does it take to install a roof?

    A roofing contractor in Vereeniging who has the skills, manpower and equipment can install your roof within five days. Of course, this depends on the size of the building. Weather conditions in Vereeniging can also affect the time period.
  • What is the process of reroofing?

    There is more to reroofing than removing and adding new roof tiles. Here’s a list to help you prepare for the process:

    - Pick the new roof material. It can be shingles, tiles or sheet.

    - Once the preparation is complete the Pro will remove the old roof. When the roof tiles or shingles are removed the Pro can spot other problems needing repairs. Cracked boards and rotting wood are easier to spot when the roof is removed.

    - The roofing contractor in Vereeniging will fix any structural problems and damages before the new roof is laid.

    - Once all issues are fixed the roofing contractor will install the deck protection and leak barrier.

    - Once the roof is protected the roofing contractor in Vereeniging can install the roof tiles or sheet. The roofer will make lines perfect to guarantee a secure fit.

    When you know more about roofing you can ensure your roofing contractor delivers quality service.
  • What is the best colour for roofs?

    The colour of your roof should complement the building’s architecture and environment. Light or dark coloured roofs can make an impact:

    1. Light coloured roofs are recommended for warm areas because they reflect light and absorb less heat. The building requires less cooling which can save energy costs.

    2. Dark coloured roofs absorb light and heat that help make the building warmer.
  • Which option is suited to your needs and climate?

    The best paint colours are:

    - White: White has a cooling element. It’s versatile and suits any wall colour. It’s most suited for sheet metal roofs.

    - Grey: This is a modern colour which is suited to any home or roof.

    - Terracotta: This colour fits well in most environments. It blends well with most wall colours and absorbs heat to make your home feel warm.

    Only use paint designed for roofs. It has the right formula to make it weather and rust resistant for over 10 years.
  • What to look for during roof inspections

    Proper maintenance ensures better safety for yourself and your family. Here’s what you should look out for:

    - Assess the roof after a storm or hail. Don’t assess from the ground but elevate yourself with a ladder for a good view.

    - Check your roof for leaks. Look out for water spots, mould or dampness on the walls or ceilings.

    - Go into the attic which a flashlight and assess the trusses. Broken and/or rotten trusses should be replaced immediately.

    When you’re pro-active you limit damage and expenses.
  • Why Snupit?

    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It’s free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best roofing contractors in Vereeniging.

    2. Professionals listed on the Snupit platform are experienced, friendly and background-checked. Our numbers say it all! Of the 13 reviews for roofing contractors, our customers have had a positive and a rewarding experience with 12 roofing projects.

    3. Choose from 1524 trusted and high quality professionals in Vereeniging who can assist you with just about anything you need done.

    4. Don’t overpay for any service, hire a local expert from our talent pool of 1524 roofing contractors in Vereeniging who are skilled and vetted.
  • Handy Tip

    Don’t forget to clean out and maintain gutters too. If gutters are clogged, rain water won't drain and it will form a pool on your roof. This leads to leaks, rotting and severe roof damages.
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  • Roof installation and reroofing: R200 : R300/m2
  • Roof repairs /call out fee: R200 : R500

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