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Aziz Latief

Snupit has helped my company to increase its bottom line. I see great value in advertising on Snupit and get up to 15 solid leads a month which normally results in 5 customers. Other mediums take too long to provide leads and are not direct like Snupit. With Snupit, we get an immediate response when a request is made.
Emmanual Manyise

Emmanuel’s Tree Felling
The business leads for my tree-felling company are very good and I see great value for money. Snupit is better than any other and the requests keep my business going. The price is right and I appreciate Snupit. We will be with Snupit for a very long time!
With Snupit we get a lot of business leads and see great value in the service. With other ad platforms, we get zero response from anyone and not even 1 lead. Snupit customer service is excellent! I like the fact that we have our own easy-to-use dashboard to access everything. Thanks Snupit!
- Shimilicias Wedding & Events
Snupit has helped us to grow our business and given us great exposure. We don’t just get leads but form long-term relationships with these users. It gives us real value, beyond money! Real-time
- Molly Jawett Logistics
Hedrick Ndou

Hendrick Meter Taxi & Shuttle
My business has improved all because of Snupit. There is big value in advertising my company here. They are number 1 to me! Requests are very easy to access, the dashboard is very user-friendly and not complicated like other sites. I like that it is very easy and simple on the website for a user to place a request. Keep it up!
Akash Suresh

N & A Enterprizes and Building Contractors
We get leads and emails of requests when work is slow. I see some good value in advertising here and the service is perfect! The systems put in place are excellent.
The user requests are every nice and Snupit provides true value for money. They are indeed better than the Yellow pages!!! Price, customer service and general efficiency are very good with no problems at all.
- Design A Flower
I do rate you the best and have a lot of confidence in Snupit! The customer service, systems and website in general are very very good.
- Securitell
Deon Botha

MLS Services
Snupit has assisted me a lot, especially on the courier side of my service. There is exceptional value and you are better than anyone else! The requests for quotes are very detailed and complete. I like that the leads are filtered by area.
James Matshudeng

Matoto Technologies
Snupit is really doing wonders for us. We have signed 2 major clients. Previously we used flyers and it didn’t work – Snupit is more targeted. Great value for money on this platform. The full, complete details of requests are great as I can call clients with a solution already devised.
Snupit made me realize that there is a very big demand for business in my industry and openings in the market. I receive so many leads that I actually had to cancel my account as I cannot keep up and don’t have enough resources to handle it! I will definitely be returning to Snupit once I sort this problem out. There is superb value in Snupit ads. Other sites have the odd lead but not as many as Snupit, which is daily. The admin site is very easy to use with the customer requests all on 1 page.
- My Aluminium Guy
Snupit keeps me a few steps ahead of my competitors. There is superb value as I get many referrals for work. Other sites are very good to get your business and then to renew but in-between there is nothing of value from them like Snupit. The price is good
- Chop It Kids Hair Salon
Binod Ramkumar

B & S Transport
Snupit is the best possible platform for advertising and we get tons of leads! The price is great value for money and our expectations are exceeded each time. Try Snupit for the best possible marketing of your company as you get a solution all-in-one.
Ranjith Surnarian

KZN Maintenance & Construction
Snupit grew my business by giving my business increased exposure. Snupit provides tremendous, excellent value and is incomparable! The price is the best part and offers great value for money. The turn-around time from enquiry to the contractor receiving the request is very quick. Also, we get 15/20 requests a day.
I sometimes get up to 10 leads a day. It has dropped slightly but I am still going to stick with Snupit and I recommend Snupit to all my friends. They are much better than the Yellow Pages and other similar sites! The R150 package is very affordable for me and economical. I like the personal touch that Snupit delivers
- Awami Creations & Consulting
Our company get so many business leads via Snupit. There is a ton of value in advertising here. Other sites don’t have the features that Snupit has and Snupit is just way better. The cost is not too bad either. The search engine organisation is impressive.
- Isigidi I.T

Plan B Building Solutions
I have got increased leads since signing up. Amazing value for money. Yellow Pages and other sites can’t compare as they offer no leads and it can become very frustrating! Snupit has an effective marketing system and is very simple to use. There are no strings attached!

Mzanzi Tree Cutters & Contractors Pty Ltd
The advertising is good and things are going well. Price is better than anyone else and I am happy. My free banner is great and I like the customer service. I am hoping for many more leads form Snupit.
I am happy with the job leads that I get. There is too much value in advertising here and each and every day there is a possibility for new work. The advert is created
- DSTV Installer Cape Town
I get a lot of business from Snupit and a lot of requests. I will refer more advertisers to Snupit as there is good value. Other websites offering a similar service are very confusing and much more expensive. I also don’t get the same clientele as with Snupit. With Snupit I get quality clients and the system is very user-friendly.
- KCB Signs

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