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  • The price of clean white 3 pole tent to hire 

    Date Added: 01 November 2014

  • I need a loan to pay rent plz help 

    Date Added: 01 November 2014

  • 2 front shocks Gabriel. 2 x 175/80/13 continental tyres, Including values. And Wheel alignment. Ford Bantam Bakkie 

    Date Added: 01 November 2014

  • left rear passenger window for Bmw 318i 2004 model 

    Date Added: 01 November 2014

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Cindi Bester

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Axxess DSL really know how to make a client happy. After starting off on the wrong foot, they sorted themselves out. We spoke to the sales manager who actually cared and then went all out to sort the issue out and he made up for everything. Axxess is awesome!

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