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All Weather Shade Net Protection. Shade Tech SA Group has been trading for 19 Years with 25 Years’ Experience in the Shade Net Industry Our Head office is based in Bloemfontein with active branches in Kimberley N Cape, Kuruman N Cape and ...show more
0 reviews
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Hilton, Bloemfontein
Shadeport Africa was established in 1989 and has subsequently grown into a franchise network to become the market leader in the manufacturing and installation of shadeport and a variety of products. We also manufacture a vast range of sun a ...show more
1 review
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Arboretum, Bloemfontein
Tergocon strive to create value for its clients within the private sector and to become a market leader in construction in the Free State. Tergocon Construction is a well established construction company striving to be be the best in the Free ...show more
4 reviews
by René, 074****600
The guy coming to do the quote was not friendly at all. Firstly he come without a mask to your door had to ask were his mask was. Come and take pictures with his phone almost none existing verbal communication looks "nors" like you are both...
Universitas, Bloemfontein
Quality and perfection. Hi everyone. with very well behaved,experiaced and loyal workers.we aim to keep our clients happy and helping to resolve problems and giving ideas. ...show more
1 review
by Helena, 079****502
Excellent work done with precision and professional craftmensh. I can highly recommend Cobeco Construct.
Hamilton, Bloemfontein
Carports, shade netting. Lapa.blinds, pool covers etc. Carports, shade netting. Lapa.blinds, pool covers etc ...show more
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Baysvalley, Bloemfontein
0 reviews
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Baysvalley, Bloemfontein
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Arboretum, Bloemfontein
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Noordhoek, Bloemfontein
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Buitesig, Bloemfontein
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the major benefits of shadeports?

    - They provide a decent amount of shade and prevent parked vehicles from heating up in Bloemfontein.

    - Assets can be protected from heat, dust, wind, rain and hail.

    - They assist with outside water drainage.

    - Hot air can escape through the fabric, substantially reducing temperature under the canopy.

    - They are functional and cheaper than building an entire garage.

    - They are versatile and can be installed in places such as car parks, pool areas, gardens, playgrounds or restaurants in Bloemfontein.
  • Is it better to install a shadeport or build a garage?

    It depends on the customers’ needs and security requirements. Shadeports leave vehicles and other items exposed and accessible to outsiders. However, they do have a few pros that could possibly make them better than garages.

    Shadeports are knitted and the fabric they are made of is porous. This allows hot air to escape and effectively cool down the area. Solid structures, which are non-porous, do not allow heat to escape easily. This results in hot air building up in the same area and making the temperature incredibly hot.
  • How are shadeports installed?

    The columns of the shadeport are permanently secured into concrete footers that are stationed on the ground. The columns will be spaced out evenly and ensure that there is room for a vehicle to drive in between them. The columns could also be bolted into an existing concrete slab.
  • Can I remove a shadeport cover if I want to?

    Yes, it is possible to remove a shadeport cover and it’s not a difficult process. The fabric cover is usually manufactured with a galvanized steel cable that is stitched into the seam around the perimeter. The steel cable is then hooked to a restrainer on each corner. This creates enough fabric tension to secure it down with two cable clamps.

    To remove the shadeport cover, all you have to do is release the tension by unhooking the cover. Make sure you unhook all four corners and store the cover safely. It can easily be re-installed at a later stage.
  • How long do shadeports last?

    The columns for the shadeport are pretty much permanent fixtures. They can stay in the same spot for decades at a time. On the other hand, the shadeport covers need to be replaced more often. They have a 12-15 years life expectancy, however, they can begin to fade or stretch over time. It’s recommended to replace the shadeport covers once every 5-8 years, depending on their condition.
  • Can I install a shadeport on my own?

    There are DIY shadeports that are relatively easy to install. However, it becomes difficult if you don’t have the necessary equipment or skills to complete the job effectively. It’s highly recommended to have a professional in Bloemfontein to install a new shadeport, especially if concrete is required to pin down the columns. In addition, this job requires more than one person to complete.
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