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Very Good
by Jayson083****405 21 June, 2019

Professional & makes a plan. I had a sagging Carport, that I was afraid was going to collapse. Craig from iWoody was the only one (out of 4 quotes) to save me money, by doing a repair, rather than a replacement. He also braced my sagging carport on the same day we spoke, to prevent further injury or damage. If your looking for a quick onsite quote, give Craig a call. Just make sure to agree on a realistic timeline for the project and leave enough room for unknown events. Just like life threw me a curved-ball, the same happened to Craig, but he kept it professional throughout and delivered a updated looking Carport that I'm loving. All the best to you and the iWoody Team.

About Us

We are a small family run business.

We provide a personalized service, allowing you to deal directly with the owner, prior to accepting the quotation through to on-site construction and completion.

Our painting team consist of only 3 man team and will paint (spray) complete the interior of a standard house 3 bedroom home in only 4 days. we do not roll on the paint. We spray our walls, ceilings, roofs, etc. This is not only cost saving but also time saving.

Our carport team will erect your customized double port in only 2 days. from shadeports to timber and steel structures.

Our bathroom team will demolish and revamp your entire suite in just 7 days.

We are dedicate to providing/delivering not only the best workmanship but also quality and price.

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