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Computer and laptop repairs. Cell phones upgrade ...show more
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If it must be done, it must be done well. #Donewell. We are an IT Company based at Carletonville Oberholzer which specializes in Computer Networking, Computer/Laptop Repairs & Diagnoses, Automation of Gates and Garage Doors, Installation and ...show more
1 review
by Karabo, 081****863
Globiteck Solutions came to install 4 cameras in my Home around December 2020, I must say they are very professional, their work is neat and the quality is up too standard. Everything was done perfectly so
Oberholzer, Carletonville
The study-method that is used at NCC is unique. Each student work at his/her own pace. Instructors are available to assist students when they require assistance. In this way students can spend more time on material they find difficult and p ...show more
1 review
by Evelyn, 076****223
The lectures are so Friendly and professional all the time. One could not ask for more. They are one of the best.keep up the Good work guys
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it better to repair a computer or buy a new one?

    It depends on the kind of computer repairs that are required to fix your computer and how easy it will be to source the parts for the repair. As a customer, you will have to evaluate whether you’re willing to wait for your computer to be repaired or buy a new one. There’s a possibility that the repair could take a couple of weeks and be very expensive. You might be able to buy a brand-new computer for a similar price as the computer repairs.
  • Can my computer be repaired at home or at the office?

    Yes, it is possible for a computer to be repaired at home. Computer technicians in Carletonville only require the parts, tools and a decent workspace. However, not all companies offer at-home or on-site repair services in Carletonville. It’s important to enquire beforehand as this is not the industry standard. Personal computers are usually taken to a repair shop. However, if it’s a company computer there will probably be an in-house repair team.
  • How long will it take to repair my computer?

    It’s impossible to determine exactly how long it will take to repair a computer. Sometimes there are unexpected complications that slow down or speed up the process. Generally speaking, a repair will take 2-5 days to complete, especially if the parts are already at the repair shop. Remember that a reputable computer technician in Carletonville will not want to rush the process or use cheap, knock-off parts.
  • Will my documents and files be erased when I take my computer in for repairs?

    Every computer technician in Carletonville has their own policy when it comes to handling files and documents on a computer. If a computer virus or malware is involved, there might be no choice but to erase everything on the computer. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to back up your computer often. On the other hand, there are companies that will offer to back up your data beforehand. Be prepared to pay an extra fee for this service, especially if you don’t have your own data storage device.
  • Does my computer need to be repaired by a professional if it has a virus?

    Your computer doesn’t always need professional computer repairs if it’s been harmed by a virus. There is plenty of free and paid software that can assist with this problem. Nevertheless, there are some computer viruses that can outsmart some of the best anti-virus software on the market. In a case like this, you’ll need to consult a professional in Carletonville.
  • Do I need to take my computer to a specific repair shop depending on the brand?

    If your computer is still under warranty, it’s advisable to find a certified repair shop in Carletonville that is authorised to repair the brand of computers that you have. If you do this, you are far less likely to compromise your warranty and you should receive quality service.
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