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Featured Window Tinting Experts near Carletonville

TWM Vehicle Tinting
Services Carletonville
TWM Vehicle Tinting Security and Sound Pvt Ltd professionals in all types of smash&grab alarms, central locks antihijack,all sound installations. At TWM Vehicle Tinting Security and Sound Pvt Ltd,we specialise in smash and grab on vehicles an...
32 reviews
by Candice, 072****118
Response time was exceptional. Great customer service that does not charge you an arm and a leg. By the time the other companies had responded to my request TWM had installed the Smash and Grab Tint and he came straight out of Germiston to ...
Mandla Fitment Centre
Services Carletonville
Your safety, Our concern. We are a fully licensed and insured smash & grab vehicle window tinting, residential window tinting, Commercialwindowtinting, vehicle wrapping, paint protection service in Pretoria. We offer a variety of industry l...
7 reviews
by Neo, 072****601
The service was amazing
Western Design Window Tinting On Mobile
Services Carletonville
We protect your privacy from uv light, smash and grab thieves. Western design window tinting is founded in 2021,but I was doing window tinting for over 7years under mark white Nissan. Window tinting we specialize in cars,house windows ...
5 reviews
by Edgar, 071****636
Such an awesome service, we will definitely use you again and recommend this service to our friends and family.
Bobo's Auto Glass
Services Carletonville
Your Safety is Our Priority. Bobo Auto glass is a smash and grab business which offers window tinting services for automobiles , residential ànd office buildings. The services also imclude headlight renewal, headlight protection, PDCs VPs Fla...
6 reviews
by Bongani, 083****966
Excellent service from Bobo's Auto Glass. I did a smash and grab in February and I am still happy with the outcome. I will highly recommend Patrick. He is mobile, wherever you are. Whether you are at work or home or even in a Public place. ...
Services Carletonville
Our Vision We don’t make glass, but make it better!. Mission We promise to listen. We will always be honest, expert advice and quick, friendly customer service. We did install about 1 500 000sqm of tinting on windows and about 500 000 vehicl...
1 review
by Zanele, 064****651
The service is exceptional. The work looks clean and professional. You will get your money's worth.
Msa Window Film 3M
Services Carletonville
all MSA window tint approved by UN, WHO, USAID, IMF, GBCSA. Supply and install Decorative film - tint Safety Film - tint UV protection Heat Reduction Energy Saving Solar Control 15 year warranty Pay Back Period $500.00 glass protect...
1 review
by Bob, 084****711
Fantastic service. Excellent company to deal with. Most professional company I had come over to give a quotation. On time. Installation was done by accredited staff.
Cliffster Tinting Frosting Signage Vinyl wrapping
Services Carletonville
Our solution to global warning in your own personal & work space. We do: Tinting, frosting, signage & vinyl wrapping for residential, commercial, industrial & automotive. This would also include: • Window advertising, protection and priv...
1 review
by Miguel, 082****983
Fantastic service! Very thorough, very professional and friendly team. Very well priced compared to others in the market too! They completed my order earlier than expected. The execution of the signage was extremely accurate. I highly recom...
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do windows get tinted?

    A layer of tinted film will generally be applied to the windows. This is cheapest way to have your windows tinted as they simply stick the film onto the windows. However, you can also install tinted glass. Reputable window tinting experts in Carletonville are likely to have the option of choosing between these two methods.
  • What kind of properties can have tinted windows installed?

    There are plenty of different properties that opt for window tinting in Carletonville. It could be an office space, school, retail store or house. In addition, there are different types of window tinting film including solar control films, anti-graffiti and security films.
  • Is window tinting film expensive?

    It depends on the kind of film you want to have installed. There is window tinting film for every application and every budget. Consult a window tinting expert in Carletonville and they will help you to determine your needs and provide you with a window film solution to fit your budget.
  • Is there film that can prevent your window from breaking?

    There is film that makes it more difficult for the glass to break, however, it won’t prevent the breakage entirely. Most window tinting film is not designed to prevent breakage. However, there is safety film that holds the broken glass together in the event that the window does break. This prevents further damage to any surrounding fittings and furniture.
  • Does window tinting change the appearance of my windows or make them very reflective?

    Yes, tinted windows can change the appearance of your property in Carletonville, especially if they are very dark. However, there is film on the market that is virtually undetectable. In a situation like this, most people will not notice any changes to your window.

    In addition, there are window tinting solutions that make your windows even less reflective than they originally were.
  • Can tinted windows make a property more private and prevent people from seeing inside?

    Yes, tinted windows can help with privacy as they make it more difficult for people to see through the windows. However, it depends on the type of window tinting that you select. Most clients decide to get their windows tinted for the purpose of increasing their privacy in Carletonville. It’s great for an office setting.
  • How are tinted windows installed?

    Firstly, the window tinting expert will organise a consultation and assess the property in Carletonville. This helps them to determine what needs to be done. Secondly, you can schedule a day for them to come and install the tinted windows. If they’re replacing the windows with tinted windows, they’ll need to order the glass. On the other hand, they’ll use a chemical solution to place window tinging film on existing windows.
  • Can the installation of tinted windows disrupt usual activity on the property?

    Yes, it might disrupt the day to day activities, especially if entirely new windows are being installed. However, installation can still go on during weekdays and normal office hours. window tinting experts in Carletonville should try to be as quiet and accommodating as possible. Otherwise, you can arrange for installations to happen over the weekend.
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  • Average window tinting rates per square metre: R100 : R400

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