Customer reviews for Wegona Investment Group Malvern East, Germiston

Very Good
by Lloyd079****774 verified 22 September, 2017

We sub contracted him to install a new roof and boundary fence at Westmead primary school in Pinetown , the job was done in a professional way , inspectors where happy with his workmanship

by Moris071****027 21 September, 2017

Wegona construction did provide us with great service we sub contractor to install roof and boundary fence Westmead primary school in pinetown everything was done perfectly , inspectors where very happy with their job , we kindly recommend them for any type of roof and fencing jobs

by Moses078****277 21 September, 2017

I had a cement block pavement installed im my driveway ...they did exactly as per agreement, job was done and finished on time and budgeted material was neither under or over estimated. Iam pretty happy with them...i did recommend them on any other job ??

by Mercy076****253 21 September, 2017

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57 Frunciquin street, Malvern East, Germiston
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