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Professionalism. Experience. Quality. Penzo Electrical and Plumbing Repairs offers quality workmanship through our team of experienced and qualified artisans across Gauteng, South Africa. We provide our clients with expert solutions for thei ...show more
3 reviews
by Celia, 083****498
Prompt attention after my call. Professional advice given as to the problem at hand. The issue quickly rectified by the plumber. Problem solved. Thank you
Risana, Johannesburg
Construction and Plumbing Service Providers. ZIMBOKODO PLUMBING & CONSTRUCTION is a South African based company carrying out construction services, property maintenance and installation work. We pride ourselves on construction excellence w ...show more
4 reviews
by Mellow, 078****616
Excellent service
Johannesburg South, Johannesburg
Eva. We specialise in plumbing, waterproofing, solar geyser installation and services,heat pumps installation and services and electrical fault finding,wiring and repairs, we have 5 years experience. ...show more
3 reviews
by John, 083****165
Evans from Alices Plumbing Services did a various jobs on my property in Rosettenville. So far i have used him on Plumbing, Electrical and water proofing jobs
At sizwemgcinaro construction we specialise in plumbing,tilling,electrical renovations and capentry. We promote strict adherence to quality, health and safety standards and we adhere to labour equity and encourage harmonious personnel relatio ...show more
3 reviews
by Knowledge, 084****957
He has done awesome work with defence force base at luhatla. He has experience in building , maintenance,electrical work and plumbing
Craighall Park, Johannesburg
For all your construction, renovations, plumbing and painting. We are a construction company we based in construction of new buildings, renovations, bathroom renovations, plumbing services and painting. our company start to operate in the we ...show more
3 reviews
by Alima, 078****116
The service was beyond ..the guys did their work perfectly. .I highly recomend. ..my project was done in time
Johannesburg South, Johannesburg
2 reviews
by Gerda, 082****978
Very professional, amazing service! Excellent workmanship.
Turffontein, Johannesburg
tailor made plumbing solutions. Ready to be of service to you. A team of efficient and experienced plumbers offering Geyser replacement Leaks Bathroom renovations Blocked drains New drainage systems We are an efficient dedicated team. R ...show more
21 reviews
by Johnson, 061****853
expert advice is what they give with out compromising the quality of work
Your efficient, friendly and dependable contractor. We are a plumbing and electrical company situated in Kensington. We have a 24/7 emergency service available. All our teams have qualified and experienced technicians. From Machine Drain cle ...show more
3 reviews
by Stephen, 084****116
Unblocking of my drains with the machines was exceptional. Very impressed with the professional service.
Kensington, Johannesburg
plu. All plumbing renovations,maintances,construction, gesyer installations,burst pipes ,solar geysers and heat pumps and new kitchens and bathrooms and also blocked drains and leak detacting ...show more
6 reviews
by PETROS, 084****287
Claremont, Johannesburg
We hurdle the turd,so you don't have too. We are a small start up business, with qualified plumbers, 11 years experience. Evolutionist Plumbing is a registered company. Our passion is to build a client base and employ the unemployed, deliv ...show more
4 reviews
by Frederique, 082****115
During lockdown due to COVID 19 Werner took a drive out on a Saturday to try and find a geyser to replace my Mom's that had burst. He also contacted his colleagues in the industry to try and source one for us; but was unable to due to all o...
Frequently Asked Questions
A Geysers in your home isn’t a job for a novice trying his hand at it. This is an important task that requires a professional in the plumbing industry to do it. Snupit hosts only screened plumbing professionals equipped to handle all your Johannesburg home improvement needs. There are 36327 Snupit Pros ready to quote. Will you use our 396 reviews to easily find your ideal plumbing vendor?
  • Is it possible to extend the lifespan of my geyser?

    Yes, you can keep your geyser running efficiently for longer if you service it frequently. Service it once every two to three years if the quality of the water is decent where you live. More regular service is required in areas where water quality is poor. A typical service includes:
    - Emptying the geyser completely
    - Checking the thermostat and heating element for any magnesium build-up
    - Removing any limescale and slush from the chamber
    - A full inspection of any leakages, done by a plumber

    Read our 346 positive reviews and you’ll see which Johannesburg service provider does the best job during a service.
  • What’s the best temperature to leave my geyser on?

    You can set your geyser at a different temperature during winter and summer days to accommodate the temperature changes. During colder winter days the ideal temperature is between 60°C - 66°C. Warmer summer days require a lower setting at 52°C - 55°C.
  • What caused my geyser to burst?

    The term geyser burst is actually incorrect as geysers don’t spontaneously burst but merely open up with a loud noise that sounds like an explosion. Nevertheless, possible causes could be:
    - Pressure: A thermostat regulates the pressure inside the geyser to ensure temperatures don’t rise above the capacity of the geyser. If your thermostat malfunctions the pressure inside the geyser might exceed its capacity and implode.
    - Lack of maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to check if everything is working and to detect a faulty thermostat or valve.
    - Inferior materials: If low-grade material were used in constructing your geyser it’ll lead to leaks and your geyser breaking down.
  • Does a geyser lose heat if it’s installed outside?

    Yes, it does lose heat when exposed to the outside so ensure you install it where there’s protection for it against the elements. It retains heat better when it's positioned inside your roof. Alternatively, prevent rust that could form when installed outside by placing a blanket over it after Geysers.
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    1. You never pay to use Snupit. It's free and you get to compare multiple quotes from the best Geysers in Johannesburg.

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