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Bellevue East, Johannesburg
Mountstein Construction focuses on both the needs and the wants of the client. These needs and wants form the basis of our integrated comprehensive services. We conduct our business and execute projects ( minor and larger) with distinct atte ...show more
7 reviews
by Edith, 084****385
Thank you for your prompt reply and for changing the date due to the weather. We will use you again when we need to do more maintenance at school
Langlaagte, Johannesburg
For all your tar surfacing and paving surfacing specialist. Wellcome to Pachedu Investments Pty ltd the company that reach the people's needs. Unlike other paving companies, PACHEDU TAR PROJECTS possesses operation experience, and all our e ...show more
5 reviews
by pulane, 083****902
best handyman
Randview, Johannesburg
HOME AND INDUSTRIAL IMPROVEMENTS SERVICES. Our Services: tarring contractors, asphalt contractors, asphalt driveways, asphalt flooring, tar surfaces, pothole filling, driveway surfacing ,court construction, brick paving, paving contractors, ...show more
5 reviews
by Nyazub, 078****227
Reliable and committed contractor
Mulbarton, Johannesburg
We specialize in Tar Asphalt surfacing, Driveways, Packing Areas, Loading Bays, Re Surfacing etc. ABB Tar Asphalt Surfacing was established in 2007 and currently is within its 10th year of operation. There are currently twenty 36 well traine ...show more
2 reviews
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Johannesburg South, Johannesburg
"Flenda Construction bringing quality to the surface and connecting the world to a smooth and safest move". We are a registered company specializing in road works, tar surfaces, asphalt surfaces , brick paving and construction renovation as w ...show more
0 reviews
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Westdene, Johannesburg
Tar Surfacing Specialists. With headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, ATI CIVILS (Pty) Ltd provides superior road construction /tarmac paving services serving both residential and industrial sectors. Our goal is to exceed the expectatio ...show more
0 reviews
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Malvern, Johannesburg
No return job. Tar surfacing and paving all construction work we do the best ,ground preparation and excavations road and driveways tar surfacing all the way. ...show more
0 reviews
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0 reviews
Have you used this business? Write Review
Yeoville, Johannesburg
We are a team of professionals who have dedicated their all to ensuring that we achieve the best results for our clients. Angel Ashy Construction is a company with over 8 years experience as a tar contractor.We have employed the best enginee ...show more
2 reviews
by Mandla, 062****289
It is a very good company, i admire their work.
Turffontein, Johannesburg
Quality guaranteed work is our pride. We have a proven track record for effectively offering the best tarring/paving services to our clientele and much more. As experts in the Construction Industry, Kaymou Projects is involved in every stage ...show more
2 reviews
by Giselle, 071****476
Fraudulent company which I have laid charges against. Did work in the Eastern Cape and stayed at our Guest House for the duration of the work and left our premises without paying and sent a fraudulent proof of payment to top it all off.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does tar cost?

    The price of tar fluctuates all the time. This means that the cost of using tar for a parking lot or driveway changes each year. Tar is made out of the by-products of the oil industry. The cost of these materials is greatly affected by the state of the economy. In addition, the cost of paving an area with tar depends on the size of the area and how many layers are required. It’s generally easier to tar an existing driveway, parking lot or road.
  • Why is there a lump or crack in a newly paved tar area?

    There’s a possibility that the tar surfacing contractor in Johannesburg did not treat the area for weeds before paving it with tar. It’s very important to make sure that weeds and small shrubs are not growing in the area. Sometimes the weeds are strong enough to push the tar upwards creating a lump or crack. In many cases, the weeds can grow through the tar. In future, make sure the tar surfacing contractor uses a weed/ moss killer before paving the area with tar.
  • Can I get rid of weeds and moss that are ruining a tarred area?

    It is possible to get rid of the weeds and moss by using a chemical substance that kills them and prevents more from growing. The substances can be bought at plant nurseries and hardware stores in Johannesburg. However, once you’ve used weed/ moss killer, you might need to tar the area again.
  • How soon can I walk or drive on a newly tarred area?

    It’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours before walking or driving on the tarred area. Cars have the potential to permanently shift the tar and create marks. It’s better to wait and allow the tar to settle.
  • Can tar be laid on top of existing tar?

    It all depends on the condition of the existing tar area. If the existing tar is crumbling, cracked or lumpy, it won’t serve as a good foundation. This means the new layer will become problematic sooner than it should. If the existing tar is too far gone, the tar surfacing contractors in Johannesburg will have to remove it and start again. It will take longer, cost more money and require much more effort. However, the tarred area will look better and last for a longer period of time.
  • Can a tarred area be patch repaired?

    Patch repairs should only be done if a small section of the tarred area is damaged. It’s a great way to maintain the surface of the tar with a quick and easy fix. However, sometimes the patches are visible and don’t look very nice. Some people will not be happy with the patchy look. If the overall condition of the tar is not great, it’s recommended to re-pave the entire area for a levelled finish.
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