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Oslo Beach, Port Shepstone
Everywhere you go. The birth of the connected age has changed the way we do business. It’s a New World—an exciting world that’s filled with opportunities. Connecting is a powerful metaphor for IT and business. People, resources, data and idea ...show more
1 review
by Sandra, 082****020
Well, what a pleasure dealing with the likes of Chivonne (spelling??) and Sheraine! These two ladies have provided service way beyond the "call of duty". I salute you.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does a screen replacement take?

    Replacing a screen can be done in 30 minutes to an hour. It won’t take long if the technician in Port Shepstone has all the necessary parts and tools. However, there’s a possibility that cellphone repair technicians in Port Shepstone will have to order a screen beforehand, especially if the device isn’t popular. This could add a couple of days to the process.
  • Can my water-logged device be saved?

    Electronic devices usually don’t die upon immediate contact with water. This means there’s a chance that the devices could still be fixed. However, water-logged devices will probably lose their warranty, even if the device is reparable.

    Prevent water damage by:

    - Immediately switching off the device
    - Unplugging the device from any power outlets.
    - Leaving it in a silica gel or rice bag to dry out.
  • How do I take in my device for repairs?

    There are plenty of cellphone repair technicians in Port Shepstone that offer repair services for electronic devices. It’s advisable to find a reputable repair shop in Port Shepstone and make sure that they obtain a receipt. Do not leave your electronic devices at a shop in Port Shepstone that doesn’t have any reviews or customers that can verify their services. Informal repair shops in Port Shepstone might be cheaper, however, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a premium service.
  • What must I do before I hand over my device for repairs?

    Electronic devices are an important part of our lives and full of personal data. Sensitive data from your device should be removed and backed-up before the device is handed over to the service centre. Remember to remove the SIM card and all security locks. Take note of the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number too. This is a unique fifteen-digit number that enables you to identify a device.
  • Can I repair an Apple device anywhere other than an iStore?

    There are several repair places that can fix Apple products in Port Shepstone. However, many of them are not authorised. This means you might compromise your warranty or receive sub-par repairs.
  • What happens if I have more than one problem with my device?

    A competent cellphone repair technician in Port Shepstone will not begin any cellphone repairs without clear authorization from the owner. They will also thoroughly inspect the device and run necessary tests. This will allow them to pick up on any other cellphone repairs that the device might need.
  • Can I recycle a broken device?

    Your old, damaged, or irreparable electronic device is crammed with valuable materials that can be re-used in other gadgets. Instead of letting them collect dust or cause harm to the environment, one can easily recycle them with a variety of retail stores in Port Shepstone. Just keep an eye out for their e-waste recycling initiatives in Port Shepstone so you can dispose of them in a smart and environmentally friendly way.
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  • 7” Tablet Touch Screen Replacement: R400 :
  • 10” Tablet Touch Screen Replacement: R700 :
  • Notebook Touch Screen Replacement: R2000 :
  • Hardware & Software Installation: R400 :

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